Strategic and Operational Benefits

Data integration with YRC Freight provides strategic and operational benefits to your organization to help you strengthen relationships with customers and vendors, giving you a greater advantage against your competition.

Data integration reduces the time and personnel required to complete order entry and reduces the strain on other resources.

With integration, each partner can agree on specific working requirements and terms in advance. Documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, no longer need to be individually created, mailed, entered and then processed. Instead, these documents are processed electronically and accurately, reducing processing time and the number of staff needed to complete each data entry.

Supply-chain integration ensures your information moves ahead of your freight! As with the flow of water, everything begins “upstream.”

Accurate information provided upstream improves every stage of the supply chain. This begins with the Bill of Lading.

Data integration affects your:

  • Supply-chain visibility
  • Vendor-compliance metrics
  • Internal process automation
  • Ability to deliver world-class service
  • Inventory reduction and control
  • Planning for operations and distribution
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Reporting

Bill of Lading Data Integration

Sending us your Bill of Lading (BOL) electronically schedules the pickup and gives us advance visibility to your LTL shipment, which helps us better plan and time loads. This can potentially reduce transit times for your goods. Electronic BOL information also flows into our billing system, which reduces the risk of keystroke errors and enables us to process your shipment faster.

Other advantages of implementing an electronic BOL:

  • Your system can assign a tracking number in advance for each Bill of Lading.
  • Data keystroke errors are eliminated, which reduces rework and the time required to link your shipment to our internal order number.
  • Tracking number (PRO number) assignment is useful for your customer service and accounting.
  • Tracking number assignment is critical for shipper and consignee online tracking.
  • Reference numbers are accurate.
  • Freight invoicing errors are reduced, which makes audit processes more efficient.
  • Data integrity enhances your accounts receivables because consignees can close out PO numbers sooner.
  • We can process trailers containing your freight faster because we need not wait for a paper BOL.
  • Advanced shipping information offers the potential for building direct loads.

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