Time Critical Service Alert

The whole team at YRC Freight is excited to announce some exciting changes to our time sensitive service, so you can ensure your shipments are delivered to meet that important deadline. We have service levels that will cover either the full shipment expense or just the service fee – speak to your sales representative if a guarantee is important to you.

We always want to exceed your expectations and we’re confident that we can deliver what we promise. Time Critical will launch again on January 2nd, 2019.

Weather-related Terminal Closures

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Freezable Embargo Information

With YRC Freight Freezable Service, shippers benefit from specific loading and transit processes to handle shipments vulnerable to freezing during the winter months. YRC Freight does reserve the right to suspend Freezable Service if there is a prolonged period of extreme cold weather. If you have questions or need to confirm whether YRC Freight has a freezable embargo in place during periods of extreme cold temperatures, please contact Customer Service at 1.800.610.6500.