Crack The Code

We promised you an answer, and there’s nothing more important to us than delivering on our promises.

Fun & Games

Each month of your YRC Freight calendar has a trivia question about the city featured in that month’s image. To find the answers, use the code key below:


Apply the code to find the answer to your question, like so:

Q:  At 282 feet below sea level, what part of Death Valley National Park is the lowest place in North America?

2–1–4–23–1–20–5–18      2–1–19–9–14


This key will not change, so feel free to save this or check back with each turn of the calendar page.

Getting Down to Business

Trivia questions like these can be a fun way to dig into a puzzle and search for an answer. But we know complexity and uncertainty are the last things you want to deal with when it comes to shipping.

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