1. Tariff information provided on the web is for informational purposes only. All shipments are subject to tariffs in effect on the date of shipment as lawfully filed with the appropriate governmental agency or as maintained at YRC Freight’s principal place of business in Overland Park, Kan., as may be applicable. In the event of a conflict between tariff as provided herein and the actual tariff on file with a governmental agency or maintained by YRC Freight at their general office, such tariff on file or maintained at their general office, as may be appropriate, will prevail.
  2. This notice supersedes and negates any claimed oral or written contract, promise, representation, or understanding between the parties, except to the extent of any individual published exception to this tariff (in which a written copy would have been provided to the participant in such pricing program) or a written contract signed by an authorized representative of YRC Freight. Only the Vice-President, Pricing Administration, or designate, is authorized by YRC Freight to sign transportation contracts.
  3. Copies of tariffs are available upon request. Please see your local account executive.
  4. YRC Freight’s liability for any commodity which is subject to released value provisions in YRC Freight’s 301 tariff is limited pursuant to items 848, 849 of YRC Freight 100 tariff, as may be amended or renumbered from time to time.
  5. Except where limited otherwise, YRC Freight’s liability for loss, damage or delay will not exceed twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per pound per package, subject to a maximum liability of one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) per shipment, whichever is lower, unless the Shipper, at time of shipment, has requested excess liability coverage pursuant to item 780 of YRC Freight 100 tariff, as may be amended or renumbered from time to time.
  6. All shipments tendered to YRC Freight are subject to the terms and conditions of the National Motor Freight Classification (“NMFC”) Uniform Domestic Bill of Lading as in effect the date of shipment. All cargo claims must be filed with the YRC Freight within nine (9) months of the date of delivery or within nine (9) months of a reasonable time for delivery if a complete loss.

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