Spot Volume Quote Terms and Conditions include but are not limited to the following:

  •  Customer must secure and indicate a valid and effective Quote ID number on the bill of lading. By placing the Quote ID number on the Bill of Lading, customer is accepting the terms at time of shipment as provided herein and as further defined in YRC Freight Rules Tariff 100.
  •  Shipments having an actual weight greater than or occupying more linear feet than indicated on the Quote will be rated according to the actual weight and actual linear feet, as may be applicable, for the shipment.
  •  SPOT Volume offers are subject to equipment availability.
  •  SPOT Volume offers are based on Shipper Load/Consignee Unload but do not include “exclusive use” of the trailer. Seals and locks may be removed for operational reasons. Customer is liable for any fines received or labor used in correcting axle or gross weight overloads.
  •  Quotes do not include any applicable accessorial charges, customs clearance, taxes, duties, or other applicable charges that may be associated with the shipment. Charges for services provided and not outlined within these terms will be subject to and defined by the YRC Freight Rules Tariff 100. Any exceptions that YRC Freight may have agreed to in other pricing programs, including Tariff 127, do not apply. No further discounts or allowances apply.
  • Liability: All shipments will move subject to the NMFC domestic bill of lading. Based on the choice of rates, Carrier’s liability will not exceed $1 per pound, per package. Maximum liability $100,000 per shipment. Release value (Tariff 301)
  • Commodities: The lowest released value will apply. Released value for permissible household goods will be $.10 a pound. See YRC Freight Rules and Conditions (Tariff 100) for prohibited or restricted items.

Additional liability may be quoted through or our award-winning customer service centers at 1-800-610-6500 but shall remain subject to maximum liability of $100,000 and must be additionally noted on the bill of lading at time of shipment.

Printable version Spot Volume Terms and Conditions (37 kb PDF).