When It’s Gotta Go…

As the end of the month rapidly approaches, you may have a shipment you need off your dock before this page falls off the calendar. YRC Freight Spot Volume freight shipping is an efficient way to ship truckload freight on the most popular North American lanes.

Why Spot Volume?

  • Competitive rates on shipments from eight linear feet or 5,000 lbs. or more
  • Pay only for the space used—rates based on the length or weight of the shipment
  • Get an instant quote with our best rates on my.yrcfreight.com
  • Rates are always available on all lanes in the U.S. and to or from Canada

Available when and where you need us

Equipment for truckloads available when and where you need it, especially at the end of the month.

Your biggest loads are handled efficiently, damage free. Download your copy of our Spot Volume freight brochure.

Ready to ship?

  1. Just login.
    2. Get a quote.
    3. Schedule a pickup.
    4. Write the quote ID on the bill of lading, and the best rate is yours.