Every day counts for your critical shipments.

That’s why YRC Freight moves Time-Critical shipments on our faster network over the weekend, providing a true fastest-ground solution. That’s what we call the weekend advantage.

Unlike most carriers, YRC Freight Time-Critical Service moves shipments over the weekend.

That means we provide over the weekend service between most points in the United States and Canada.

No one is faster on Friday pickups than YRC Freight Time-Critical.

It’s like getting air freight service at a fraction of the cost.

Also, there’s no additional charge for weekend transit. It’s automatically included when you use YRC Freight Time-Critical service.

For last-minute, emergency shipments, you’ll save dollars with Time-Critical. None of those nasty air or rush charges.

Remember, Time-Critical shipments continue to move over the weekend.

To engage a shipment, take the following steps:

  1. Check Transit Times to ensure we can meet the delivery date.
  2. Select Time-Critical by 5 p.m. on any of our quote-free options and provide Monday’s delivery date.
  3. Schedule a pickup for Friday, and your shipment is on its way.

Book your shipment online or call our direct number at 1-800-610-6500.