Find out how affordable and efficient volume freight shipping can be with YRC Freight.

Do you have truckload freight ready to go? We have trucks returning from deliveries on popular lanes.

The next time you have a full van or one-half to a full pup volume truckload shipment, use YRC Freight spot volume freight shipping. It’s the efficient, cost-effective way to ship your truckload freight on the most-popular North American lanes.

Volume freight is perfect for shipments 5,000 pounds or eight linear feet and more shipping throughout North America.

Get the trusted, reliable service you expect, priced right. Get the best quote at 24/7 or contact YRC Freight Volume Sales at 1-800-610-6500.

YRC PL Truck

Available when and where you need us

Equipment for truckloads available when and where you need it even at the end of the month. Your biggest loads are handled efficiently, damage free.

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