Everything comes together for a smooth, reliable delivery

Your special freight travels solo. No contact with other shipments reduces the chance of damage and speeds up transport without the cost of airfreight.

Your special freight deliveries. Our specialized freight services supported by a fleet of dedicated equipment. It’s a genius combination. Whether you’re restocking or moving an entire warehouse, delivering a truckload of frozen vegetables or getting a shipment to port on time to make a sailing, count on YRC Freight and our specialized freight services to make it happen.

Expedited and guaranteed service options? Check. Dedicated equipment ready for ground service on-site? Check. Minimal handling for quick transport? Check. Rates based on mileage, not weight? Check. Vast North American network? Check. Everything needed for special freight is right here and waiting.

Equipment makes or breaks a special freight delivery

With YRC Freight, you can spot the equipment you need at your location, from cargo vans and flatbeds to 53-foot trailers. It’s the perfect solution when handling warehouse relocations, replenishing inventory and other high-volume needs.

When customers select Time-Critical Dedicated Equipment service, they get:

Access to specialized equipment including:

    • Cargo and sprinter vans


    • Straight trucks


    • 53-foot dry van tractor–trailer


    • Flatbed trailers


    • Air charter service


Special services support unique needs

  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Temperature-controlled trucks
  • Freeze protection

Choose expedited or guaranteed service for on-time delivery

YRC Freight Time-CriticalTM expedited, guaranteed solutions let you choose the delivery date and time options, including weekends, holidays and after hours.Time-Critical Service counts Saturday and Sunday as service days for Thursday- or Friday-to-Monday service between most points in the United States and Canada.

Get exclusive use of reliable equipment anywhere in North America. After freight is loaded, it’s untouched until delivery. Receive personal attention and status updates for guaranteed delivery.

Learn more about the Dedicated Equipment available with Specialized Freight Services.

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