Get the assurance that your shipments are being securely moved in a dedicated, tamper-resistant trailer, which has a lock that can be removed only with a bolt cutter.

If there is a security breach, sealed trailer service provides a method for determining where the security breach occurred.

Additionally, if you are plagued with consistent and unreasonable consignee shortage claims, you’ll have a method for refuting the claims. You’ll also have documentation that may be required by governmental regulations about the movement, handling and security of a shipment.

Feel secure, knowing that no one has access to your freight after the rod seal is attached.

Security when you need it:

  • The entire trailer is dedicated to one shipper and secured with a tamper-resistant rod lock.
  • After we seal the trailer at pickup, the shipment remains undisturbed until delivery, and if the seal is removed or changed, it is evident to the consignee.
  • Equipment is ready when needed…even at the end of the month.

Real-time shipment tracking:

We have multiple-size trailer options for your equipment needs:

      • Use single 28-foot pup when you need less than a 40- to 53-foot van.
      • Use two, 28-foot pups and gain up to 16 feet more capacity.
      • Sealed Trailer service minimizes handling and eliminates co-mingling of freight.
      • Trailers can be spotted at your location—based on your schedule—giving you extra time to load or unload.
      • Sealed Trailer quotes are good up to 30 days—lock in a competitive rate and plan through the end of the month.

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