Paying to ship returnable assets more than 500 miles? You may be spending too much.

Dedicated to reverse logistics

Ask to see the competition’s facility, and you will see a truck dock or another company’s outsourced warehouse.

If you ask to see the systems, you see a clerk with a laptop and a spreadsheet. Ask to see the competition’s customer service team, and you see the same group of employees that answers all the phone calls.

Have you ever had the feeling that asset recovery might be more of a hobby for some of our competitors than a competency?

At YRC Freight Reverse Logistics, our Regional Processing Centers in Dallas; Salt Lake City; and Columbus (Grove City), Ohio; are asset-based. We don’t outsource. YRC Freight team members are our employees. We developed our own systems.

At YRC Freight Reverse Logistics, asset recovery is all we do.

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