Customers love easy returns. We handle everything from documentation and labels to pickup requests for you.

The extraordinary service and reliable shipping you’ve come to expect from us—but in reverse.

Everything you need in reverse logistics from a single source

Accountability to you, your customers and your vendors. That’s what drives customizing your reverse-logistics solutions. From multi-modal transportation, established ties with big retailers and our North American-wide network to the best return shipping professionals in the industry—with YRC Freight your biggest challenges are solved.

Commerce moves fast and changes just as quickly. We can have toll-free numbers ready to go same-day and manage seasonal spikes, recalls and promotional campaigns with ease. Unauthorized returns end. And every detail is tracked through web-based reporting integrated with your system, so you’ll always have accurate, up-to-date data. With YRC Freight, you’ll have a reverse shipping system that keeps your customers happy, your costs down across all departments, your environmental footprint light and your options open.

How you manage your reverse logistics is a game changer, and how well you move product on the sales side is key to your success and bottom line.

Convenience and cost savings with three regional processing centers strategically located across the United States

By using our centers, you’ll lower your labor, storage and transportation costs yet retain full control over the process. Your reverse logistics are handled exactly the way you choose, only without using your in-house resources and time.

YRC Freight Regional Processing Centers are in Dallas; Salt Lake City; and Columbus (Grove City), Ohio.

A dedicated team gives your vendors and customers efficient, personal service

From asset tracking management and refusal services to inbound vendor management, our team works as an extension of your own. Services are tailored, yet comprehensive, leaving nothing to chance or overlooked.

Reverse logistics designed around your existing systems and reporting requirements

No matter how challenging or complex, YRC Freight designs your reverse logistics plan to simplify and streamline the process. When those needs change, we remain flexible to meet demand. Plus, our web-based systems can be configured to work with yours for accurate and fast reporting.

Call 1-800-357-9199 to speak to a Reverse Logistics expert.

Download your copy of our Reverse Logistics brochure to learn more about what’s possible when YRC Freight manages your return shipping.