Customized services speed your product to market

With the power of YRC Freight behind you, you are capable of meeting even the most challenging of custom shipping projects.

Whether it be perfectly coordinating the delivery of the latest must-have fashion to 2,000 locations throughout North America, managing multiple deliveries for new store openings across the continent or ensuring the delivery of 6,000 seasonal DVD shipments over a two-week period, you can feel confident your shipping challenge will be met head-on.

Match inventory to demand

Reduce stockouts, cut days-in-inventory and capitalize on those fleeting opportunities that can flow straight to the bottom line.

  • New-product releases
  • Pool distribution
  • Product point-of-sale add-ons
  • Special promotional items
  • Seasonal rollouts
  • Point-of-sale displays and endcap distribution

Improve your responsiveness

Every solution is personalized to your unique business need.

  • Flexible delivery schedules: nights, weekends and holidays
  • Any transit time requirement: next-day and beyond
  • Any equipment requirement, including liftgate service
  • Multiple-driver delivery
  • Final-mile specialized delivery
  • Delivery direct to the retail floor
  • Post-delivery debris removal
  • Specialized handling and inside delivery