You have products discounters want.

We have solutions your retail supply chain needs.

We have solutions for your most difficult logistics challenges. Solutions that accelerate your order-to-cash cycle, increase inventory turns and reduce administrative costs. YRC Freight is the leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods, specializing in solutions for businesses across North America through a full-service network, advanced information technologies and proactive customer service. The bottom line? You get more profit from current opportunities as you focus on the products your customers will want next.

“YRC Freight has been a core carrier for us primarily because they truly understand the nature of our retail business. They have customized their services and delivery options to adapt to the changes in our business, and they work with us to ensure we have no stockouts.”
–VP, Marketing, Specialty Tool Manufacturer

These capabilities give you the flexibility to respond to your customers’ orders faster.

  • any delivery windows
  • verifiable in-transit security
  • customized services
  • electronic inventory visibility

YRC Freight’s accelerated supply chain drives your bottom line.