YRC Freight’s deep retail experience has us engineered to meet the ever-changing landscape of retail compliance.

Never has delivering freight on time been so critical. Many big retailers are shrinking delivery windows from three days to one and charging suppliers steep fines for missing tight deadlines. Late or early deliveries cost you money, and may negatively impact scorecard performance and shelf placement.

It’s not enough to understand shipping anymore.

We understand business too, how retail conditions are quickly changing and how specific supply-chains work. It’s our deep retail experience that makes YRC Freight a better provider for meeting your shipping needs and requirements.

Hit those delivery windows, stay in compliance and put more money in your pocket.

YRC Freight’s retail delivery services result in lower costs, more sales and better stocking positions. Whether you are rolling out a new product launch or meeting a standing order, confidently ship your freight from start to finish with our online tools and around-the-clock customer service.

Standard and expedited services work around your delivery requirements, not ours. With YRC Freight as your shipping provider, you can:

  • Take control of scorecard performance
  • Avoid needless air-freight, chargebacks and non-compliance costs
  • Simplify returns
  • Count on our experience, reliability and comprehensive North American network

Did you know? YRC Freight’s preferred carrier status in the retail industry means standing and priority appointments are already in place.

We Make Your Deliveries. You Make More Money.




  • Advanced management tools boost order processing to pickup and delivery efficiencies, including EDI.
  • Transit Times displays transportation and pickup options based on delivery requirements.
  • Reverse logistics bring cost savings while enhancing customer experience with an environmental focus.

The Details

  • White Glove special handling protects sensitive shipments going to residential or commercial locations.
  • Custom Engineered Projects is perfect for rollouts, promos and new releases that take competent project management and personal attention.

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