We’ve Got North America Covered

For all of your shipping needs in North America, look no further than YRC Freight. We’ve got a comprehensive network of over 250 service centers that are built to connect your supply chains. And our expanded portfolio of services means we have more ways to get it there.

Unmatched Tools. Unmatched Talent.

A network is only as good as the drivers and equipment that make it run. Our trucks are primed and ready. Our drivers are standing by. Just say the word and we will ensure your shipments will be delivered at a moment’s notice, even during peak seasons.

Product launches or standing orders? We’ll make sure every LTL shipment is delivered when and where you need it.

Our Portfolio of Shipping Services

Now you’re cooking

Pro Kitchen, a manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment, recently had a 130 shipment roll out of convection ovens going to select bakeries throughout the United States. Their sales success could only be achieved through the successful delivery of every unit.

Enter our national network.

YRC Freight handled the entire rollout, from origination to destination, from start to finish. Every commercial oven was delivered on time, intact, without damage. Pro Kitchen’s CEO was so impressed that six-dozen doughnuts were sent to the terminal that originated the shipments.

That’s the advantage of a national network. That the advantage of unprecedented capacity. And that the advantage of choosing a passionate group of experts who will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

No pastries necessary.

Easy Ways to Ship with YRC Freight

Working with YRC Freight is easy. We see ourselves as your business partner, and we aim to give you a competitive advantage through exceptional LTL shipping service. We have the equipment, the drivers and the technology to ensure you can count on YRC Freight to deliver your shipments.

When you ship with YRC Freight, you get all the convenience and flexibility you expect and need. We provide you with easy access to all of our services and tools through a variety of options, including  customer service, yrcfreight.com, and integrated tools such as APIs and options to load information directly into your TMS.

The bottom line: You tell us when and where, and we’ll take it from there. Because YRC Freight is here to deliver for you.