The primary reason for border delays and additional charges on cross-border shipments is incomplete or missing paperwork. Follow these tips to speed your shipment across the border.

1. Obtain all required information.

  • Verify the name, address and telephone number of the U.S. forwarding agent in Laredo or El Paso, Texas.
  • Verify the name, address and phone number of the Mexican broker in Nuevo Laredo or Juarez that will coordinate the movement of the shipment.
  • YRC Freight will also need the name, address, telephone number and tax identification (RFC) number of the consignee in Mexico.

As the shipper, list the above information and your name, address and telephone number on the bill of lading.

2. Complete all necessary documents.

Many Mexican communities bear the same name, but are in different states just as in the United States. For a timely delivery, correctly spell the full name of the destination city and include the state and postal code on the bill of lading.

Access the YRC Freight forms library to obtain and complete a bill of lading and commercial invoice in one easy step or register for to complete a bill of lading, using our online tool. If the shipment originates in Mexico, the exporter (shipper) must complete a Mexican bill of lading and commercial invoice. A certificate of origin document might be required; check with your customs broker to ensure you have all necessary documentation. Keep a copy of the shipping papers and give the originals to your YRC Freight driver.

3. Pack and label shipments carefully.

  • List any special handling or delivery instructions.
  • Book your shipment.
  • Call the YRC Freight Customer Service Center at 1-800-610-6500 if you are not using our online bill of lading.

4. Relax.

YRC Freight cross-border service features trained experts at border-crossing points with offices adjacent to Mexico Customs centers. They monitor your shipment’s progress and resolve any customs-related issues before your shipment reaches the border.