Faster Crossings.  Fewer Hassles. That’s the Border Benefit.

YRC Freight is the only carrier with on-site, bilingual representatives at border crossing points in Mexico to expedite customs clearance.

Mexico on mapFaster Crossings.

  • Professional Border Coordinators.  Our professional Border Coordinators know where your freight is throughout transit, and they work with brokers to ensure a speedy and efficient border crossing.
  • Time-Critical service.  Our guaranteed Time-Critical shipping service is available both to and from Mexico, providing you with even faster, more reliable transit times.

Fewer Hassles.

  •  Door-to-door visibility of your freight.  You will continue to receive the same visibility and tracking updates even when your shipment crosses the border.
  • Single-invoice convenience.  From shipping to end-destination, your entire transaction will appear on one convenient and easy-to-understand invoice.
  • A seamless end-to-end process.  YRC Freight employees manage each shipment from door to door, ensuring consistent processes and experiences on both sides of the border.

When you trust YRC Freight with your Mexico cross-border shipping needs, you’ll get faster crossings and fewer hassles. That’s the Border Benefit.

 Ready to ship?  Here’s what to do:

  • Login to and access our Rate Quote tool and secure your rates to and from Mexico
  • When your quote is finalized, you will get a single quote ID and charge (in addition to a line item detail of charges on both sides of the border)

Have questions or need assistance with any of our Mexico services?  See the Contact Us section below.

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Contact us.

Our Spanish Service team is available to answer your questions by phone or via email.

U.S. and Canada customers: 1-800-610-6525

Mexico Customers: 001-800-790-3611 or

* has time-saving quote, shipping and tracking tools, plus access to proofs of delivery, customs and documentation.

Download your copy of our Mexico LTL shipping brochure.