YRC Freight is the only transportation provider to maintain a dedicated full-time staff at primary border crossings between the United States and Mexico.

We take the complexity out of your cross-border shipping. We make sure that your shipment moves through customs just as reliably as it does on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do my goods get into Mexico?

When using our direct service, your shipment go through these steps:

  1. The YRC Freight El Paso or Laredo, Texas, terminals (depending on your freight forwarder’s location) deliver your shipment to your designated U.S. freight forwarder, who facilitates the border-crossing process for you.
  2. Your U.S. freight forwarder delivers the export documents to the Mexico Customs broker and arranges for a drayage carrier to move the shipment across the border.
  3. The drayage carrier presents a Shipper’s Export Declaration to U.S. Customs to clear the shipment. The drayage carrier then takes the cleared shipment to Mexico Customs.
  4. A representative of the Mexico broker meets the drayage carrier at Mexico Customs and personally clears the shipment.

The drayage carrier delivers the cleared shipment to the YRC Freight Mexico service center in Nuevo Laredo or Juarez.

Where will my shipment cross the border and enter Mexico?

If you are taking advantage of our direct service into Mexico, your shipment border crossing is determined by the freight forwarder’s address (El Paso, Texas/Juarez, Mexico; or Laredo, Texas/Nuevo Laredo, Mexico).

How much will duties and taxes be?

The importer of record is normally billed by his/her broker for duties and taxes. The customs broker determines duty (if applicable) along with the appropriate taxes and reports those taxes to Customs on the client’s behalf.

How are my shipping charges calculated?

It depends on your pricing program. Please contact your local sales representative for a full explanation.

Will my Canadian/U.S. discounts be applied to the Mexican part of my shipment's movement?

When using our direct service, a combination of rates apply to all “through moves”. We use your rates and applicable international discounts for the Canadian and United States part of the move and our Mexico rate schedule for the Mexico part of the move.

These rates do not include IVA (Mexico value-added tax on Mexican paid freight charges) or Customs charges.

Is my shipment covered against loss or damage when it is being delivered in Mexico?

Yes. We provide you the following coverage against loss or damage at no extra charge:

  1. For moves from Canada to the U.S./Mexico border, the coverage is $2.00 a pound, unless you request additional insurance coverage
  2. During the Mexico part of the move, the coverage is $0.50 a pound up to $5,000 (U.S.) per shipment. If you think you’ll need coverage beyond the $5,000 maximum for Mexico, you can buy additional coverage up to a maximum of $50,000 (U.S.) per shipment.

After my shipment reaches the Nuevo Laredo terminal, how many days will it take to deliver my goods in Mexico?

  • One day to Monterrey and San Luis Potosi
  • Two days to Torreon, Queretaro, Guadalajara and Mexico City

What are the most-common reasons for a delay at the U.S. gateways to Mexico?

  • Incomplete documentation
  • The consignee has not paid the duties

Can a shipper or importer do anything else before shipping to help expedite the border-crossing process?


  • Before shipping a product for the first time, provide all available information about the product, its components and manufacturing process to the customs broker.
  • The broker may suggest that a product sample be shipped in advance for inspection and classification.
  • The process of classifying some products can be time-consuming, depending on the complexity and types of materials in the products. Advance classification can prevent unnecessary delays at the Mexican border.