We make shipping to the show as easy as possible.

Streamline your shipping from the show.

Be creative about how you mark your packaging when you ship to a show. Use packaging that can be identified from a distance (i.e.,different-colored shrink-wrap).

Ship early and label your shipment carefully

Ship your booth to the show early. Most shows offer 30-day free storage at the local YRC Freight terminal before the show move-in date. Make sure your bill of lading and shipping labels are clearly marked with this important information:

  • Exhibitor name
  • Booth number
  • Show name

Note: More than one trade show often is in progress at a site. It is critical to have this important information on your shipping labels.

Obtain a YRC Freight exhibit bill of lading:

Register to use our online tools, then complete your bill of lading and schedule your pickup all online through our secure Bill of Lading tool. You can also print shipping labels that contain your vital exhibit information.

Download a PDF from our Forms Library.

Contact the EXPO hotline (1-800-531-EXPO ).

Clearly mark each piece of freight with the same information as you included on your bill of lading. Be sure to remove old labels.

Tips for shipping to a show:

Include your contact information in your shipment

It’s always a good idea when you are shipping to or from a show to put your business card in each shipping container to help identify piece(s) that may become separated from the shipment. If the inbound shipment is going directly to the show site, advise us of the show’s “move-in” hours and let us know whether your shipment is a targeted booth for a specified “move-in” date or time.

Provide all vital show information

Remember that the show you’re shipping to or from may be one of many occurring in your destination city. Information, such as event name, decorator and targeted move-in dates, is critical to help us ensure that your exhibit gets to its destination on time.

Accurately complete your bill of lading

Properly fill out your bill of lading. Whether shipping to the advance warehouse or shipping directly to the show site, you must include: show name, exhibitor name, booth #, service contractor, pieces, weight, payor and target delivery date. The YRC Freight Exhibit bill of lading will prompt you to provide the proper information to ensure your exhibit is delivered on time.