Streamline your shipping from the show.

Ensure shipment requirements are clear

Specify on the show contractor’s bill of lading whether the destination delivery requires an appointment, liftgate service or inside delivery when shipping from a show. This will help the delivering terminal make the required arrangements while the shipment is enroute, so delivery can occur on time.

Make sure all responsible third-party information is completed on the outbound bill of lading at the show site. Also, ensure the name(s) and contact phone number(s) on the bill of lading are complete. Drop your business card into each shipping container when shipping from a show to help identify piece(s) that may become separated from your shipment.

Carefully complete a Material Handling Agreement

Most general contractors require that you use their bills of lading (Material Handling Agreement) when shipping from a show to ensure that you have a clear invoice. If you bring your own bill of lading, make sure that you correctly transfer all information, including your transportation provider selection. You must remove all old shipping labels before shipping from a show. Each shipping unit should have a minimum of two shipping labels.

Prepare for move-out

When you are packed and ready to ship, complete an outbound bill of lading and specify YRC Freight as the transportation provider to move your goods. If you haven’t made previous arrangements, call the expo line (1-800-531-EXPO) to let us know when your exhibit will be ready for pickup. Advise the Trade Show coordinator of the date and time the shipment’s re-routing is authorized to eliminate the possibility of a “forced shipment,” which can create problems for all parties involved. Give the bill of lading to the service contractor and take a copy of it with you.