Moving freight seamlessly to and from Canada?
Can do.

Canada Map

The next time you need to ship something from the US to the Maple Leaf country, give us a call. Our team of experts is here for you and handle thousands of shipments between the two countries every day. That makes border crossings quick, efficient and painless.

  • One Carrier, One Invoice
  • 50 Dedicated Border Experts
  • Over 20 Terminals in Canada
  • 10 Border Crossings
  • Zero Handoffs or Hassles
  • 95% direct coverage in Canada
  • Online visibility of your shipment from door to door

Faster Crossings

Faster Crossings

98 percent of northbound shipments are pre-approved for Customs clearance. And no handoffs means your shipment usually crosses the border in less than 3 minutes.

Dedicated Border Ambassadors

Dedicated Border Ambassadors

Our carefully trained Border Ambassadors directly monitor your shipment at the border, making it their highest priority.

They’re on-site and available 24/7 to resolve potential issues before they become actual delays.

You receive personal attention, electronic visibility of shipments, single point of contact and door-to-door service. Border ambassadors track the progress of every shipment as it clears the border. We act on your behalf by working with the brokers and forwarders to ensure seamless border crossings. And we continuously follow up on the shipment’s status until it has crossed the border and reached its destination.

Service Options to Meet Your Needs

Logistics Solutions

Canada Shipping Information

How to Get Started

Book Your Shipment Online

Get a quote for your cross-border shipment instantly. Rates are real-time and market-priced. You can secure and finalize the rate simply by paying with a credit card and writing the Quote ID on the Bill of Lading.

Contact a Border Ambassador

YRC Freight has border coordinators available to answer all your questions and facilitate cross-border moves.

For Northbound (shipping into Canada) Border Ambassadors can be reached at 800-329-0973.

For Southbound (shipping from Canada), Border Ambassadors can be reached at 866-283-5715.

Canada Shipping Documents and Resources

Required Documentation

We recommend you communicate with a freight forwarding agent and/or customs broker before shipping cross-border. They can help you prepare the necessary documentation.

Other Documents

  • Export License – for regulated products, such as alcohol, firearms, tobacco, etc. (Request from Customs Broker)
  • Transportation and Exportation (T&E) Customs Bond (Request from Customs Broker)

Canada Border Crossing Points

Gateway Locations

Where your shipment crosses the border depends on its origin and destination. Our highway dispatch network uses the most-direct route for your goods, assuring efficient, on-time delivery.

  • Blaine, Wash./Pacific Highway, BC
  • Sweetgrass, MT./Coutts, AB
  • Pembina, ND./Emerson, MB
  • International Falls, MN / Ft Frances, ON
  • Detroit, MI/Windsor, ON
  • Port Huron, MI/Sarnia, ON
  • Lewiston, NY/Niagara Falls, ON (Lewiston Bridge)
  • Buffalo, NY/Fort Erie, ON (Peace Bridge)
  • Alexandria Bay, NY/Lansdowne, ON
  • Champlain, N.Y./Lacolle, QC
  • Derbyline, VT/Stanstead, QC
  • Calais, ME/St. Stephen, NB