All the equipment a franchisee needs to outfit a new restaurant is shipped in one trailer and spotted at the construction site. Getting the shipment across the border quickly is essential to stay on schedule for the grand opening!

Store-in-a-box delivered cross-border Canada case study: chef cooking


Our customer, N. Wasserstrom, near Phoenix, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality standard and custom equipment for food service. To support one of its customer’s rapid expansion in Canada, Wasserstrom outfits an entire store to franchise specifications and ships it all in one 28-foot trailer. This “store-in-a-box” trailer remains on site, allowing the franchisee to remove contents as needed during the construction process. After the store is open, the franchisee may order additional supplies from our customer, which Wasserstrom ships LTL direct to the store.


  • Wasserstrom requires access to trailer equipment for product delivery and spotting on location at construction sites in Canada.
  • Shipments need to cross the border quickly to meet construction deadlines.
  • With new stores opening throughout Canada, the customer wants one provider that offers direct coverage throughout the country.
  • The customer also wants to remain responsive to continuing franchisee needs.


YRC Freight provides Wasserstrom cross-border expertise and specialized transportation solutions to meet the needs of its food-service customers.

  • YRC Freight has the flexible solutions to meet the Wasserstrom’s specific equipment and timing needs.
  • Customs documentation is loaded electronically into the YRC Freight system on the day of pickup, gaining the immediate attention of our border ambassadors.
  • Border ambassadors work with the customer’s broker to ensure the shipment is processed by the time the freight reaches customs for a rapid border crossing.
  • YRC Freight has a comprehensive North American network for direct service across Canada.
  • Time-Critical expedited services are available if the customer needs faster delivery options in Canada.


  • Wasserstrom can replicate its “store-in-a-box” process, used effectively in the United States, for new food-service outlets in Canada.
  • Construction delays are avoided with the timely customs clearance of shipments.
  • Our customer stays responsive to its food-service customers’ continuing needs.