When cross-border shipments were delivering late, cutting into their profitability, Dyno Merchandise switched to YRC Freight. Our retail expertise, Multiday Window™ solutions, and seamless service to Canada sewed up business relationships.

Creativity Delivered Cross-Border Case Study: Thread, scissors


Dyno Merchandise is a leading provider of sewing notions, craft tools, fashion art and rain gear products sold through mass merchants, drug stores, supermarkets and craft stores. Its Canada revenue was down because of the poor performance of its LTL carrier. Dyno Merchandise knew they needed to switch providers and looked for one that was well connected with the retail industry and could deliver seamless service into Canada. The company turned to YRC Freight.


  • Dyno Merchandise needed to reduce the invoice deductions caused by late deliveries in Canada, which cut into their profitability.
  • They wanted to improve customer relations and scorecard performance with key big-box customers.
  • Time and administrative costs associated with tracking and retrieval of lost shipments were a mounting problem.
  • The customer was looking for ways to streamline replenishment activities for greater efficiencies and more-consistent and -timely deliveries.


YRC Freight understands the effect of on-time service to a customer’s retail scorecard, product placement in a store and profitability. Our reliable service and long-term relationships with leading retailers provided the performance Dyno Merchandise needed.

  • Multiday Window™ service gives the customer control over when products are delivered to meet retailer requirements.
  • Our border ambassadors and our pre-clearance process eliminate delays at the border.
  • Our experience and insights from working with the customer’s largest retail accounts in Canada led to improved customer relations and better scorecard results.
  • Web tools on my.yrcfreight.com enable the customer to determine pickup schedules for meeting must-arrive-by delivery (MABD) dates and track shipments real time.
  • Our consultative approach to their business uncovered ways to streamline their shipping activities.


  • YRC Freight nearly eliminated invoice deductions on shipments moving to big-box retailers in Canada.
  • Dyno Merchandise uses its relationship with YRC Freight as a selling point with key customers in Canada and has expanded its business there.
  • The customer confirms a noticeable reduction in the time spent by administrative personnel tracking shipments and by the sales team managing inventory replenishment activities.
  • Pleased with our cross-border Canada service, the customer awarded YRC Freight additional business in the United States.