Increased Speed

When you need it there faster, you can count on Accelerated when time is a top priority. With our Accelerated service, you can rely on our fast, cost-competitive and reliable network to deliver your shipments on time.


Same Great Coverage

Leverage our comprehensive North American coverage that’s built for speed. From the continental U.S to Canada to Mexico, we’ve got you covered, with the dependability you expect from the experts at YRC Freight.

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Replenishing Inventory Fast

As a Purchasing Manager at a large, high-end electronics retailer, Jenny liked to run lean and mean at multiple locations. Being heavy on service and light on inventory gave her stores a competitive advantage. That meant smaller shipments and an ultra-responsive logistics partner.

Enter YRC Freight’s Accelerated service.

Now Jenny gets the merchandise she needs, on time to meet customer demand, without paying a premium for guaranteed service.

If Accelerated service isn’t the right fit, check out one of our other great services:


When time is on your side, Standard is your budget-friendly option. You can tap into our comprehensive North American coverage while still enjoying a single point of contact. Select an optional guarantee to get your freight to the destination by the standard-service delivery day you say within a multi-day window or by 5p.m.



You define the date. You define the time. Time-Critical includes a dedicated team, a lightning-fast network, and guaranteed delivery*.


Logistic Solutions

Our unique stable of services is now bundled together to make it easier for us to provide you the specific solution you need.


* Subject to terms and conditions in Tariff 100