Next week, we launch New Public Tracking.

Change isn’t always exciting, but this time it is. The Public Tracking tool will allow you to easily check the status of your shipment, anytime, anywhere. Below is some information on features and helpful tips to help you hit the ground running when the tool goes live.


Entry Features:

  • Enter reference number – no origin or destination zip needed
  • Copy & Paste up to 10 PROs with Multi PRO Entry
  • Easily Add/Remove PROs
  • Remember previous reference number entries
  • Guidance on what a PRO number is and where to find it on a bill of lading
  • Help finding a shipment if a Pro number is mistakenly entered in wrong reference type field

Selecting Your Shipment

  • All shipments matching your search criteria will display.
  • If you see multiple results, simply use the city/zip filter to find the shipment you want to track.

Shipment Detail

  • Includes same status information available today
  • Tips available for various date fields
  • Request ongoing Shipment Notification
  • Chat with Customer service specialist
  • Email status of multiple shipments
  • Print Shipment detail