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We are Proud to Introduce Fast Dimensional Freight Quoting

With our new online tool, you’ll go from zero to shipping in a matter of minutes.

Our dimensional freight quotes will help you erase what you’ve learned about shipping freight in the past.  It’s never been faster or easier. Simply enter your shipping information destination and what you want to ship. What are you waiting for?  Go ahead, give our Dimensional Freight Quoting a try.  There’s no obligation.

We offer Time-Critical™, Guaranteed and Standard delivery—the option is yours at the click of a button.

Convenient online payment options, Bills of Lading, labels and quote letters will have your shipment on its way in no time! Get your quote in minutes and get shipments there faster than ever with Dimensional Freight Quoting.

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You’ll still have all the options you had before, like:

  • Inside Pickup
  • Inside Delivery
  • Liftgate Pickup
  • Liftgate Delivery
  • Limited Access Pickup
  • Limited Access Delivery
  • Marking and Tagging
  • Notify Consignee
  • Protection from Freezing
  • Excess Liability