The GS1 US (VICS) BOL is a standardized BOL that a consortium of shippers and carriers developed to meet the express needs of all parties.

Ensuring efficiency in your supply chain

The GS1 US (VICS) BOL was created to ensure that shippers, carriers and customers (consignees) received the information they needed to process goods through the supply chain. Included with the standard BOL form is a standard BOL number. The BOL number has become a critical data element with the advent of the EDI 856 Ship Notice Manifest. The standard BOL form and number will ensure that all key data elements are present and documented uniformly. This will support the needs of all parties in the supply chain and support accurate EDI 214 Carrier Shipment Status transmissions.

Where can I find more information about the GS1 US (VICS) BOL?

At GS1 US (VICS) Workgroups. Then, click the Logistics link.

Visit the GS1 US (VICS) library of documents to

    • Find general information about the BOL
    • Download guidelines for creating the BOL

When do I use a GS1 US (VICS) BOL?

Most large U.S. retailers request that you use the GS1 US (VICS) BOL, and may require its use. Please contact your consignee to determine whether you need to use a GS1 US (VICS) BOL for your goods.

How do I create an electronic GS1 US (VICS) BOL?

YRC Freight offers an online BOL on that will produce an electronic GS1 US (VICS) BOL that meets GS1 US (VICS) BOL committee guidelines. You need only enter the information, and the tool will format the BOL for printing. It also submits the BOL electronically to YRC Freight, thus ensuring the data is captured correctly.

A GS1 US (VICS) BOL created using the online bill of lading tool complies with Walmart requirements.

With whom may I speak about the GS1 US (VICS) BOL?

For technical information, please call the E-Commerce help desk at 1-800-548-0435.