Our customs broker-inclusive service handles every aspect of your cross-border shipment, with complete brokerage and transportation services to and from Canada.

Customs made easy with broker-inclusive services

You can trust the cross-border experts at YRC Freight to make your shipping experience simpler. With the addition of broker-inclusive service, YRC Freight is a true one-stop shop for your shipping needs. Our broker-inclusive offerings include:

  • Customs clearance
  • Advancing of funds for import duties and taxes
  • Single invoice with itemized charges for transportation, brokerage services and duties and taxes
  • Simple, easy to understand fee structure
  • Accelerated clearance by using an affiliated broker, giving you control and priority handling
  • Reduced number of carriers involved with your shipments
  • Less rework and fewer calls for distressed shipments
  • Less in-bond shipment and storage charges
  • Fewer in-house resources needed to process and follow transportation moves
  • One point of contact provides fast and accurate responses

Download Your Copy of Our:

YRC Freight provides trained and licensed specialists reviewing all documentation and advancing funds for import duties and taxes to expedite the clearance process.

We provide information on shipment clearance status and a customizable, simple, flat-fee structure specific to each customer.

Please call 1-866-568-5588 or email broker.quotes@yrcfreight.com for more information.