YRC Freight customers shipping to and from Canada will enjoy a border-crossing experience unlike anything available in the market with assistance from our Border Ambassadors.

Our experienced border ambassadors…

  • Monitor your shipment’s progress across the border.
  • Advise you of delays.
  • Explain what we’re doing to resolve delays or issues.

You receive personal attention, electronic visibility of shipments, single point of contact and door-to-door service. Border ambassadors track the progress of every shipment as it clears the border. We act on your behalf by working with the brokers and forwarders to expedite border crossings. And we continuously follow up on the shipment’s status until it has crossed the border.

After your shipment crosses the border, we continue monitoring it to its destination.


Personal assistance when you call toll-free:

Northbound US to Canada
Sarnia, ON 800-329-0973
Emerson, MB 800-696-7637
Niagara Falls, ON 888-217-2128

Southbound Canada to US
Southbound ACE Office 888-224-2663