Our Commitment to Safety

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Infographic: Reinvesting in Safety

YRC Freight strives to provide a healthy, injury-free workplace through proactive prevention programs and produces its own safety-related employee training videos and audiotapes.

For all of us, staying healthy and safe are critical to better working lives, increased job security and more enjoyable retirement years. The Keys to Injury Prevention (KIP) System® is the centerpiece of our commitment to reaching and maintaining world-class safety levels in our workplaces and on the highways.

The five KIP Keys are sound approaches to fundamental health and safety issues.

The KIP System is not a “safety focus of the month.” The Keys are central to injury prevention in our operations at YRC Freight.

The Keys:

  • Put fitness first.
  • Watch your back.
  • Maintain a solid stance.
  • Look out below.
  • Keep it clean, keep it bright.

Hazardous Material Spill Response

  • We have established a unique, 24-hour chemical Help Line to assist internal and external chemical customers with regulatory compliance issues. If you need hazardous material assistance, call the Help Line at 1-800-395-5446, option 2.
  • We partner with Hazmat One to ensure that we have nationwide coverage to handle any hazardous materials incident 24/7—anytime, anywhere.

Community Outreach

  • YRC Freight drivers that are a part of the ATA’s America’s Road Team frequently meet with the general public while representing the trucking industry.
  • Four YRC Freight trailers share the No-Zone safety message with motorists. The No-Zone message is part of a nationwide effort by the Federal Highway Administration, American Automobile Association, American Trucking Associations, the National Safety Council and the U.S. Department of Transportation to educate the motoring public on sharing the roads safely with commercial vehicles. YRC Freight was the first commercial motor carrier to display the No-Zone safety message on a trailer.
  • YRC Freight employees teach classes for State Highway Patrol academies and the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, which is responsible for training every law enforcement officer in Ohio. YRC Freight drivers lead the Commercial Vehicle Familiarization course, a component for graduation.
  • Our Road Team helps train State Highway Patrol cadets and officers on truck-related equipment and safety issues and works with the Patrol to educate the public about highway safety.
  • A YRC Freight trailer displays the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s “Share the Road Safely” message. The Patrol partnered with the Ohio Trucking Association to expand the “Share the Road Safely” message, which is financed by a federal educational grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The YRC Freight trailer bearing this safety message travels throughout Ohio.

Community Collaboration

  • YRC Freight and the Ohio State Highway Patrol partnered to produce a training video, demonstrating procedures for safely pulling a large commercial vehicle to the side of the road and approaching its driver.
  • YRC Freight continues to work with local public safety agencies to ensure hazardous materials are handled properly in all situations. YRC Freight employees and local emergency response personnel practice procedures for handling chemical spills 

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