In 1986, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) began America’s Road Team to promote road safety and improve the image of the $278 billion U.S. trucking industry.

Many of our drivers have been chosen to be members of America’s Road Team. These drivers are the best in the business.

America’s Road Team is a small group of the nation’s top professional drivers, selected from a variety of geographic regions and trucking companies.

Drivers selected for the Team spend 18 months as spokespersons and representatives of the ATA at various public events.

The drivers continue to work for their employers, but spend an average of one to five days a month on America’s Road Team business. At the end of their tenure, America’s Road Team drivers are well prepared for a variety of public speaking engagements, including interviews with print and broadcast media. YRC Freight professional drivers Byron Bramwell, Bill Krouse, Steve Fields and Alphonso Lewis are captains through 2018.

America's road team