Nineteen professional YRC Freight drivers have qualified to compete at the 2017 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) in Orlando, Florida. The event will be held August 9-12 at the Orange County Convention Center. These 19 YRC Freight professionals will go up against more than 400 of the nation’s most elite professional drivers in a variety of challenges and competitions.

The National Truck Driving Championships (Nationals) are held annually and are sponsored by the American Trucking Association (ATA). Competition consists of a driven skills challenge, pre-trip inspection, and a written exam on subjects such as laws, regulations and vehicle maintenance. This year’s event will include over 420 competitors, representing dozens of carriers, from across the United States.

To get there, drivers must be accident-free for one year before the event and place first in their state contest among other eligibility requirements. The NTDC challenges competitors’ driving skills and knowledge of truck safety in three ways: maneuverability test, pretrip inspection and written examination.

Beyond the competition, the NTDC also brings drivers and their families together for a special week of fellowship and company pride. That’s why most drivers who have attended say it’s one of the highlights of their careers. We wish them all the best of luck, and thank them for their continued dedication to excellence.

Champion                              State                           Class

Mark Stevenson                      Louisiana                     4-Axle

Willie Johnson                         Arizona                        3-Axle

Michael McAfee                      New Mexico                Sleeper

Dave Murphy                          Idaho                           3-Axle

Richard Thatcher                    Ohio                            3-Axle

Jeff Medford                            Ohio                            5-Axle

Jeff Rose                                 Ohio                            Twins

Wade Wageman                     South Dakota              Twins

Mike Buck                               Oklahoma                    Sleeper

Blake Johnson                        Oklahoma                    Flatbed

Randall Briggs                        Utah                            4-Axle

Neil Nogues*                           New Hampshire          4-Axle

Ricardo Molina                        Texas                          Straight

Tim McNamee *                       Minnesota                   5-Axle

Jerry Kraetsch                         Minnesota                   Flatbed

Bruce Quaal*                          Minnesota                   4-Axle

Walter Schmitz                        Illinois                          Straight

Melvin Andrews                      Arizona                        Straight

Kris Knalson                            California                     4-Axle

* Neil Nogeus and Bruce Quaal were Grand Champion winners in their state competitions. Tim McNamee won the Pre-Trip, Professional Excellence award.