YRC Freight Provides Dedicated Hotline for Customers with Shipments Destined for Areas Impacted by Hurricane Matthew

YRC Freight announces a dedicated 800 number specifically for businesses trying to get freight to areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew. You can call our Customer Service line at (800) 610-6500 and press ‘4’ for the hotline. It is manned around the clock by YRC Freight’s expedited shipping experts. It is designed to give callers shipping solutions that will help them avoid delays and get necessary items on store shelves during this critical time of need.

Prior to the storm, residents began stocking up on supplies, leaving shelves depleted of essentials.  Retailers are in need of reloading their shelves quickly to assist those impacted.  Their main focus right now is returning their supply chains to normal so they can provide their customers with the goods they need.

“We send our prayers and concerns to those communities and employees impacted by Hurricane Matthew,” said Darren Hawkins, YRC Freight President. “In an effort to provide quick support for those needing to get shipments to the impacted areas, we’ve established a staffed hotline to help.  We take pride in our extensive network and dedicated employees and are ready to help those communities rebuild.”

Customers calling the hotline with urgent delivery needs can take advantage of air, dedicated equipment, and expedited ground services across North America.