YRC Freight Driver Henry Hartley

YRC Freight Driver Henry Hartley Achieves 4 Million Consecutive Miles Safety Record

In his over 44-year career with YRC Freight, Henry Hartley has reached the elite safety milestone of driving four million consecutive miles without a single preventable collision.

Hartley was previously inducted into the YRC Freight Driver Hall of Fame in 2015 for attaining over three million consecutive miles without a single preventable collision.

“Our drivers are true professionals, and Henry has a genuine dedication for the safety of the motoring public. He drives safely, day in and day out, year after year, demonstrating self-discipline, constant focus and commitment,” said T.J. O’Connor, YRC Freight president.

Henry Hartley observed, “I never thought I could reach this safety milestone until it came. I have learned to look out for the other guy, and I diligently practice the Smith System. There might have been some luck involved, but I’m truly proud to have reached four million safe consecutive miles. What I enjoyed the most over the past 44-years was being able to meet so many nice people and satisfying our customers.”

“I could not be happier or prouder of Henry Hartley. Achieving four million safe miles is the equivalent of driving to the moon and back eight times–or 160 trips around the equator–without a preventable accident. My safety hat is off to him, and my thanks to his family for sharing him with us,” says Terry Budimlija, YRC Freight Safety Director.

“Henry is the gold standard–he is as good as they come–one of the finest employees I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with in my entire career. He is one of the happiest, most good-natured, hard-working drivers we’ve ever had.” — Greg Drake, Terminal Manager

Stan Hite, YRC Freight Account Executive was pleased to conclude, “Henry is the best driver/salesman I have ever had the privilege of working with in my 32-year career. He works and advocates for YRC Freight, making a personal and professional connection with each of ‘his’ customers. He loves his job and it certainly shows. His work ethic is amazing.”

Born and raised in Summit, South Carolina, Hartley started working for a nearby farmer when he was eleven years old. He enjoyed tractors and hauling and delivered produce in the summer months during his high school years. He fell in love with hauling and tractor trailers on that farm. When asked about retirement, Hartley responded,

“I’m going too strong to retire just yet. I wake up eager to start every day.”

YRC Freight recognized his safety record at a celebratory event with co-workers, family and customers. Among his awards, Hartley was presented with a certificate of commendation for outstanding safety performance, a letter of congratulations from the South Carolina Trucking Association and a commemorative jacket.

Posted: January 30, 2018