Terminal 891 Have Received Million-Mile Safe Driving Milestones

Did you know 40% of the drivers at YRC Freight’s Colorado Springs terminal have logged one million or more safe driving miles without a single preventable accident?

The team at 891 is walking the talk when it comes to YRCW’s Safety Vision – Working together, we identify and control exposure to champion safety in all we do. Five of its 12 drivers have reached at least the 1 Million Miler achievement. In fact, two drivers are approaching the 2 Million Miler tier.

Congratulations to: Ronnie Houston, 2 Million Miler, and our 1 Million Mile drivers, Robert Langoni, James Provost, Larry Rogers and Isaako Lefotu.

Ronnie credits dedication, employee pride in a job well done and passion for the craft of truck driving as the secret of 891’s drivers’ safety success. And, he believes a supportive manager like Mike Mirizio, who stays engaged and collaborates daily on safety discussions and process reviews, helps empower him to keep fellow drivers focused on safety.

“It’s key to stay focused, always be on the lookout for exposures and follow through with SMITH System protocols,” said driver/dock worker, Ronnie Houston. “Celebrating the positive things, like the Million Miler accomplishment, is important in reinforcing our culture of safety. We drivers look out for each other, compliment each other and really keep each other accountable on safe behaviors.”

Initially, Ronnie reached out to share kudos for Bob Langoni, who will retire from the company after 35 years of service. Ronnie wanted to celebrate and recognize Bob’s career and the nearly 2 million safe, accident-free miles he drove for YRC Freight over the past three decades. Everyone wishes Bob well on his upcoming retirement, and we thank him for his service and dedication to our customers, his fellow employees and to safety.

“I want to leave a legacy with YRC Freight…that I gave everything I had, every day,” said Ronnie. “I would like to leave this company in better shape than when I came. It’s been such a rewarding experience over the past 30+ years. I’ve met people I wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for YRC Freight, and I’m so grateful. I’m so proud of my company. I love the passion that we all have, trying to push this big ship in One direction.” (photo available of Ronnie)

Drivers like Ronnie and 891’s Million Milers certainly leave an amazing legacy – and shining example for embodying our safety culture.