We've enhanced our network

Network Enhancements for More Reliable Service

The company that invented LTL freight is doing a little re-inventing.

The logistics world is changing fast, and we’re changing with it. That’s why we’re increasing our linehaul capacity, improving our operational flexibility and relieving freight in congested parts of our network. These enhancements will improve the reliability of our network and keep your freight moving as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

From the top all the way down to the local level, change is a good thing.

We’ve kicked this freight delivery thing into a higher gear by adding eight new Distribution Centers to increase capacity. In addition to that, a number of other changes will occur on the local level that will affect the entire system.

Linehaul volumes will be reduced in some cities which will help improve reliability of linehaul and city operations in those areas. Some cities will be getting facility and equipment upgrades. Others will see increases in the number of employees. More direct loading will be offered where possible, which will reduce handling and increase reliability.

And more meet-and-turn operations will be set up throughout the network. All of these changes mean a more efficient network for us, and faster, more reliable freight delivery for your business.

Network Improvements Include:

  • Adding 8 Distribution Centers to our existing 23, which will provide 800 additional dock doors and the capacity to handle 7,000 more daily shipments
  • Introduction of approximately 100 linehaul meet-and-turn operations, predominately running during daytime hours
  • Reintroducing 84 Utility Driver positions originating from 33 terminals, typically running between 60 and 175 miles

We’ve also invested in service. Because so many businesses are invested in us.

Better service not only results in faster and more efficient deliveries, it also makes your job easier at the end of the day. So, in addition to enhancing our network, we’re doing some things to improve service from top to bottom.

  • Quality of handling, safety and increased capacity will come with the addition of 920 new tractors and 2,237 trailers.
  • We are upgrading outdated technology and improving efficiency with new equipment that will automate and optimize P&D and linehaul operations.
  • Market-based pay initiatives for new employees will help add and retain critical staff system-wide, resulting in increased capacity and service reliability for you.

Let us show you how shipping is done. Call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-610-6500 to find out more about the improvements we’re making and how they will affect the entire network and local markets we serve.