Navigate Cross-Border Shipping to Canada

First, a history lesson

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary became one of two people to successfully summit Mount Everest. The second person was Hillary’s guide, Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. The Sherpa, who live mainly in Nepal, are regarded for their skill in navigating the often-treacherous terrain of the mountains. In fact, their aptitude for mountaineering has become so well-known, and their services so sought after, that the term “Sherpa” is now used broadly as a slang word for a guide or mentor in any situation.

Since the first summit, Everest has been successfully climbed over 7,600 times by more than 4,400 summiteers (some are brave enough to do it more than once). Each of those successful climbs was aided in one way or another by a Sherpa: they carry extra oxygen, haul gear, and keep climbers on track for a safe summit.

When you hire a Sherpa, you’re tapping into a wealth of mountaineering knowledge; but, as with anything else in life, not all Sherpas are created equal. You want to pick the best possible partner. One that can look at the path ahead and resolve issues before they arise so you can get to the summit and back, efficiently, safely—even timely.

Time to bring the metaphor home

So, what does any of this have to do with cross-border shipping between the US and Canada?

When you book a cross-border shipment with YRC Freight, you get access to a dedicated Border Ambassador. Think of them like your own personal Sherpa; the person you can count on to help your shipment progress all the way to its destination. They won’t literally carry your freight, of course — we have trucks for that — but their expertise will take a load off of your shoulders.

Our Border Ambassadors make their basecamp right where you need them most—at the border. With 24/7 availability, they’ll help you navigate paperwork and customs, keep you informed of any issues, and work to resolve delays before they even happen.

YRC Freight’s comprehensive North American LTL network offers the most direct delivery points and covers 97% of the Canadian population, and unlike other carriers, your shipment never changes hands at the border. Our broker-inclusive service covers every aspect of your cross-border shipment, from brokerage charges to customs fees and transportation—all in one invoice.

You wouldn’t dare climb Everest without a Sherpa, so why even consider shipping to or from Canada with anyone but YRC Freight? Schedule a shipment today!

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