Transportation: Tackling the Search for Tradeshow Shipping

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This article was originally published in the January/February Issue of Exhibit City News (pp. 30-33) and is reprinted below with permission. Jason Olinger of YRC Freight was interviewed and shared his insight into the complexities of trade show shipping. Special thanks to the editorial team at Exhibit City News for keeping the pulse on the trade show industry.

Making the Smart Choice When Searching for the Right Tradeshow Shipper

by Cynthia Porter, Exhibit City News

The January/February issue of Exhibit City News features an article titled “Transportation: Tackling the Search for Trade show Shipping,” (pp. 30-33) in its Jan. 30, 2019 issue featuring the services of the YRC Freight Exhibit Services Team.

“Shipping to and from trade shows can be very complex or can be simplified for exhibitors by making the right choices,” clarifies Jason Olinger, YRC Freight Director of Exhibit Sales and Operations (East Coast). “It’s probably the most complicated kind of shipping for a novice shipper, but even for a seasoned veteran, it’s critical that the exhibitor utilize someone that understands the rules of engagement for trade shows and specializes in them.”

A company with a dedicated Exhibit Services Team is one of the most important reasons why YRC Freight has had such a successful history of handling trade shows. Our onsite Exhibit Managers monitor your shipments for on-time, easy move-ins. YRC Freight’s experienced service team has the ability to successfully navigate the complexities of targeted move-in dates, marshaling yards, loading docks and advance receiving warehouses–they’ve been doing it for years.

“If someone chooses a carrier that doesn’t understand the nuances of shipping to and from trade shows, they might run into some unexpected challenges,” he explains.

At YRC, we know how important a trade show is to your sales volume, and there’s very little margin for error. That’s why exhibitors trust YRC Freight to ship their trade show booths with a dedicated Exhibit Services Team ready to tailor the perfect transportation solutions for your shipment.

Interested in cross-border trade show shipping? We have North America’s most comprehensive network coverage and services specifically designed for cross-border trade show shipping.

YRC Freight goes the extra mile to make sure you can focus on why you came to the trade show in the first place.

Before your next show, let our dedicated Exhibit Services Team show you show shipping is done.

Find out more about YRC Freight Exhibit services or call 1-800-531-EXPO.

Posted: February 11, 2019