It's time to rebuild Puerto Rico

First Steps on the Long Haul to Rebuilding Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria lived up to its disastrous predictions and more—tearing across the island with winds over 150 mph and dropping over 38 inches of rain–water more than a yard deep—on an island still recovering from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma just two weeks before.

Families emerged after the storm and found their homes and their island in disarray. The basic necessities of food, water and fuel were scarce and in the near term supplies would be delayed as inbound roads were impassible. Many roads were blocked by felled trees, downed electric lines and storm debris. In the wake of this devastating storm rebuilding homes and lives will require tremendous joint efforts between the island and mainland.

YRC Freight Employees in Puerto Rico are rebuilding one step at a time.

Angel Colon is our Terminal Manager in Puerto Rico and as he assessed the damage, he reached out to YRC Freight headquarters to prioritize the needs of his crew. Angel identified the essentials as the logistics group worked out the path to delivery. Angel’s courage and determination didn’t go unnoticed. The team on the mainland worked diligently to find the items on the necessity list and enact.

“Our families are staying strong, but the devastation is greater than you can imagine. We’re pulling together as many resources here in the terminal and helping where we can.” said Angel.

YRC Freight employees in Atlanta packed up a container load for Angel and his crew; stocked with essentials such as electric generators, extension cords, water and fuel cans.

YRC Freight Puerto Rico Terminal

Rebuilding shattered homes, businesses and livelihoods won’t be easy. Most communities are very closely knit, especially those in rural and remote areas hit hardest by the hurricanes. Neighbors help neighbors. YRC Freight families stateside and island-bound have joined forces and are pulling together–inside and outside Puerto Rico–working together to help grow the recovery process.

Restoring Puerto Rico will require an enormous influx of supplies.

Restoring a sense of normalcy to island life will require an enormous influx of equipment and supplies. YRC Freight is honored to be called upon for shipping services to Puerto Rico. As roads are cleared, YRC Freight employees are prepared to play a key role providing supplies for the island’s rebuilding efforts.

We are eager and honored to be a part of the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico. We have been committed to providing service to and from Puerto Rico for over the past 20 years. Our team is waiting for your call. To arrange a shipment to Puerto Rico, complete our email request form or call 800.468.5739 to connect with our bi-lingual specialists.