Bill Krouse accepts award from YRC Freight

Bill Krouse Receives Minnesota Driver of the Year Award

YRC Freight takes pride in the professionals we have behind the wheel of every truck in our fleet, and it is especially gratifying to see one of those professionals receive a much-deserved award for professionalism in the field and exceptional career achievements. We would like to congratulate P&D Driver Bill Krouse for receiving the Minnesota Driver of the Year Award for 2014.

Honoring drivers who are dedicated to their profession and to making the trucking industry a success through increasing safety, the Minnesota Trucking Association (MTA) has been recognizing drivers for their outstanding performance for more than 50 years. Bill Krouse was recently invited to the MTA’s annual Driver of the Year Banquet to receive his award.

A current million-miler, to date Bill has accumulated 1,894,400 miles of preventable accident-free driving—and outstanding feat for any driver and an even more impressive record for a driver facing the daily challenges of a P&D driver working with road congestion, driver distractions and relentless Minnesota winters. Working out of Terminal 347 in St. Paul, MN, Bill is not only an exemplary driver, but he also focuses on delivering quality customer service every day.

Drivers who receive this award are the best in the industry, selected from a field of exceptional drivers that have received the distinction of Driver of the Month throughout the year. Of the twelve outstanding individuals, only one is chosen as Driver of the Year. This person is selected based on several criteria, including having an outstanding driving and work record; his or her contribution to industry and highway safety; and involvement in the community. YRC Freight’s Bill Krouse actively works to excel in each of these areas.

Each January, a panel of judges with respected positions throughout the transportation industry selects the Driver of the Year based on the defined criteria. YRC Freight is proud that Driver Bill Krouse was selected to represent the industry due to his dedication to the profession, his excellent safety record and his community involvement which includes giving numerous safety demonstrations to ensure that everyone remains safe when on the road. Bill is active with the Minnesota State Truck Driving Championships, having won a total of four times. In addition to ranking 12th in Nationals, he also won Rookie of the Year in 2004.

The Minnesota Driver of the Year Award is reserved for those drivers who are the best of the best, and YRC Freight is happy to congratulate Bill Krouse for receiving this honor. Way to go, Bill!