YRC Freight 2016 GoalsAt YRC Freight, we believe in planning for achievement. We believe in preparing our team to set goals and then reach them. And we believe in making 2016 the year of YRC Freight. That’s why we are excited for the year to come. Here’s a little of what we’re most looking forward to:

1.       In-Cab Technology. During 2015, we introduced in-cab camera technology to a segment of our tractors, and we will further expand its usage in 2016. The goal is to make the roads a safer place for everyone who shares them and to make our business even more efficient in the coming year.

2.       Equipment upgrades. Better technology and equipment means better efficiency for our customers, and safer performance for our employees. From new tractor trailers, to overhauled terminal technology, we continue to make improvements to our equipment a top priority.

3.       Improved customer service. We have a saying at YRC Freight: “Customer say yes.” It means when we’re dealing with our customers, we are committed to saying yes and finding a solution. It’s the foundation our company was built on, and it continues to be a top goal in 2016.

4.       Safety. We have been on a “Journey to One” for a few years now. Safety has always been, and will continue to be, our #1 priority. Everything we do to improve the business for customers, employees and everyone else is done with safety in mind.

We thank everyone who has stuck with us as we continue our growth as the industry’s LTL leader. We’re a company on the move, and with these priorities in mind, we are striving to make 2016 the best year yet for YRC Freight!