YRC Freight Tools can help streamline all your shipping tasks from obtaining a quote to creating a bill of lading, tracking your shipments and getting custom reports.

Our online demos make it simple to learn how to customize and use our tools to get the most out of your online experience.

Click a tutorial title below to learn how to use a YRC Freight tool:

Auto Notification tutorial

Auto Notification

Create a profile to receive tracking status notifications and/or documents real-time or in a bundled delivery.

Bill of Lading tutorial

Bill of Lading

Quickly create your Bill of Lading (BOL), save templates and drafts and automatically schedule your pickup.

Pickup tutorial

Pickup Request

Customize this secure tool to speed the process of scheduling your pickups.

Rate Quote tutorial

Rate Quote

Obtain standard, guaranteed, expedited and truckload shipping quotes based on your personal pricing program.

Tracking tutorial


Use a PRO, Bill of Lading, PO, load or booking number to track your shipment.