Freight forwarders, if you’re ready to work directly with your shipper and change the way you manage your LTL and TL shipments across North America, then we’re by your side.

We handle the details, but you maintain control over shipments so you can keep your promises.

The three Cs of freight forwarding: control, cost and confidence.

The everyday pressure that freight forwarders are under is mounting. You’re always an arm’s length away from resolving missed pick-ups, damages, late shipments and shortages. You need real-time information and the ability to quickly address issues before they become problems. Work directly with our freight forwarding experts to maintain control of your shipments so you can keep your word to your customers.

The same goes for your pricing programs. Your Corporate Account Executive can develop customized pricing solutions that fits your need, for both ease of engagement and cost competitiveness.

With shipment control and pricing comes confidence. YRC Freight manages your shipments across our entire North American LTL and FTL network, including Canada, Mexico and domestic ocean markets of Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. More control and fewer hassles gives you confidence on which you can grow your business.

Between our engaged Corporate Account Executives and our comprehensive North American LTL and TL transportation network, no one delivers better freight forwarding support than YRC Freight does.

Meeting every need. Any speed.

Keeping control with technology.

    • Advanced management tools boost efficiencies from order processing to pickup and delivery, including EDI.
    • Transit Times displays transportation and pickup options based on delivery requirements.
    • Reverse logistics bring cost savings while enhancing customer experience with an environmental focus.

Putting priority on the details.

  • White Glove special handling protects sensitive shipments going to residential or commercial locations.
  • Custom Projects is perfect for rollouts, promos and new releases that take competent project management and personal attention.

Want to work directly with one of our Freight Forwarding experts? Get a quote for YRC Freight to handle the details so you can keep control.

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