At YRC Freight, we believe that hard work matters and we are relentless in doing what it takes to meet our customers’ expectations. We’re highlighting stories of exceptional service, timely delivery, and other outstanding accomplishments. Thank you to the people of YRC Freight, the drivers of success.  To submit a story, click here.

Nicole Keesey
Lead Inside Sales Rep.

Nicole helped me in a moment when I needed fast and flexible transportation services. She went out of the routine customer care,  to help me bringing in a load of glass which we needed for a project with some very …

Peter Assenov
Mirror Works Inc.
Carol Fowles
Customer Service Representative

I had an urgent shipment back in January. I tried to contact our sales Rep but got no response. I called the trunk line and spoke to Carol Fowles. She helped me in getting the information that i needed, responded …

Anna Jones
Precision Heli-Support
Murrell Lagacy
Account Executive

On a daily basis, I can count on him and his team for support. With Murrell at the helm, I am assured that my needs will be met in a timely manner. On one occasion, late on a Friday night, …

Craig Brownlowe
Essentra Components
Adam De La Garza
Area Sales Executive

Adam is just a great guy, a pleasure to deal with. He is always on top of things if I have an issue he gets it taken care of right away. He’s about the only rep I deal with that …

Renee Mussato
Dawson Truck Parts
Adam Del La Garza
Area Sales Executive

Adam provides excellent customer service and was able to get us out of a really tight jam. I do not believe this would have been possible without Adam’s full attention to the situation and Rodeo completely appreciated everything he did …

Sheila Grice
AJ Pender
Lead Inside Account Executive

AJ has been an excellent rep for Wolcott. There have been problems that I made him aware of and they were resolved quickly. We had a wrong reweigh, I provided him with the necessary documents, and he resolved the problem. …

Mary Wright
Wolcott Water Systems, Inc.
Al Boggs
Account Executive

I’ve worked in manufacturing my entire career. Shipping over the past 15 has been a crucial part of meeting customer needs on a daily basis. We have used YRC, and in every issue on delivery times, billing inquiries, and customer …

Michael Dewalt
Visual Display Products & Systematic Filing Produrcts
Al O'Halloran

Whenever I call YRC to schedule a pickup, I can always count on Al to be here in a timely manner to get my freight.  Al is always pleasant and cares about the customer. Al is a joy to deal …

Tom Robinson
Al O'Halloran

Al has been a breath of fresh air.  I used to ship with Central Transport.  After I would schedule a pickup it would take them 2-3 days to pickup, and 9 times out of 10 they would lose whole skids. …

Jack Harrington
Tracey Road Equipment
Aleisia Dragon
Account Executive

I would like to start out by saying, it has been an honor to work with one of the hardest, most helpful and most dedicated employees who has been here for us at any time of the day. It is …

Frank Finn
Transportation Technology Center, Inc.
Alex Simmons
Account Executive

Alex is extremely attentive and helpful. The effort and dedication he puts into this account are the difference between all other carriers. He is the main factor in our decision to partner with YRC to move our freight. The value …

Michael Cleary
Alex Todden
Lead Inside Sales Rep

First off, I would like to say that your people and customer service are second to none. In my 20 plus years as GM of our shop. I have encountered many shipping companies, but your company by far provides the …

Dan Valdez
Central Machining & Pump Repair
Alfred & Bo

This gentleman has gone out of his way many of times to see that I don’t have to struggle with loading my products on the trailer. He is very professional and so friendly. I truly like him and enjoy seeing …

Darlene Anderson
Darway Products
Alvin Salapuddin
Inside Account Executive

I have received excellent service of Alvin.  He gave me support on all my shipments almost immediately, I’m very satisfied with his service.…

Nivia Garcia
Nankai Enviro-Tech Corp.
Amy Dirksen
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Amy is always pleasant, cheerful & helpful no mater what the situation is. She has always come through like a professional and is eager to provide help and information whenever it is needed. THANK YOU AMY!…

Andre McNeely
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Andre‘s attention to detail shined brightly through when he made first contact upon taking over our area. He stays in touch and worked on getting us very good rates. We hope he stays with us for all of our future …

Sylvia Bidwell
Fletcher-Reinhardt Co.
Andrew Gauchat
Account Executive

Even thou Andrew is in another state he never fails to call and check on us to see if there is anything we need or have any issues. Also emails to check on us. More than a lot of local …

Kathy Crawford
Pacific Industrial Components, Inc. (PICO)
Andrew Shay
Account Executive

Just want to say he has given me outstanding service and has handled all my needs immediately and professionally, I had a lost shipment a few months back and he stayed on it until it was resolved.  I am very …

Adams Book Co.
Andy Lamancusa
Account Executive

Andy is our account representative. He has helped IDG solve a few issues that we had in the past and there was a time when he even stopped in to make sure that we were pleased with the results. He …

David Trombitas
Independent Draft Gear
Andy Lamancusa
Account Executive

Andy showed exceptional customer service when we had a time critical order that had to go and when the truck showed up, there wasn’t enough room to take it all. He was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, called me right …

Jennifer Osborne
Parker Hannifin
Angel Ortega
Freight Handling Professional

Angel truly cares about each of our customers and the way they are handled. He takes the time to persevere and secure our future customers.…

David Gee
YRC Freight - Sr. Dock Supervisor
Annjanette Schaich
Revenue Specialist, YRC Frt Pomona CA

Ann is prompt in responding to my needs in billing questions. Her excellent service in providing invoices and resolving billing issue has earned her my trust in going to her for help for the past few years. I would like …

Albert Ngui
Avnet Logistics
Anton Quadri
Account Executive

Anton always shows up with a positive attitude and a smile. I was having trouble with the YRC website submitting an overcharge claim and Anton sat next to me an helped me for about 30 minutes during lunch. He didn’t …

Ricky Oquendo
Doleco USA
Becky Hensley and Sally Amias
Inside Sales Representative and Inside Account Executirve

I started dealing with YRC about 3 years ago and Becky was my service rep.  She was always cheerful and funny and got all my shipping needs done with a smile.  When she moved on to another position in the …

Kevin Burns
National Water Main Cleaning Co.
Ben Sanchez
Corporate Account Exec

Ben Sanchez ( Big Ben ) invited me to a Raider Football Game back in 2002. We are still shipping with Yellow / YRC and I am still a Raider fan because of Ben. He still checks in with us …

Darrin Channels
Wine Country Kitchens
Bernie Pumarada
Inside Account Executive

I previously had a problem with a shipment and I decided then to not do business with YRC Freight again. Then last year I received a call from Bernie introducing herself to me and I told her my story. She …

Mark Jones
Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District
Bertha Soria and Mark (driver out of Hamilton, NJ)
Account Manager and Driver

Bertha does an excellent job managing our account. She is always quick to help whenever we contact her. We are grateful for having Bertha take care of our shipping needs. Mark’s services are always appreciated also. Occasionally other drivers come …

Vincent Cesare
Pintsch Bubenzer USA
Bill Brewer
Account Executive

Bill has always come through for our company in very time critical situations. The whole team that he works with does an outstanding job following through on all matters.…

Jennifer Wilson
Engineered Floors
Bill Krause

Bill’s customer service is exceptional. He helps us unload our products, takes a personal interest if there is an issue and always represents YRC in a professional manner. We always look forward to seeing Bill and his great customer service.…

Jim Buker
Minnesota Vinyl & Aluminum, Inc.
Bill Miller

Bill has been supporting our facility for the last several years. He is always courteous and has a great demeanor and attitude. Never impatient he is always accommodating, adjusting his schedule to meet our needs. It has truly been a …

Roland Patton
Bill Porter
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Bill Porter is one of the best employees that I came in contact with, not only for YRC but freight companies worldwide!! He is always easy to deal with and eager to go the next step to make sure everyone …

Vanessa Mendes
Serendipity Electronics
Bill Porter
Lead Inside Sales Rep

I have too many to share. Bill Porter goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. His competence and finesse are amazing. I ship because I know he will do whatever needs to be done to ensure the …

Mike Longfellow
Event Sales
Bill Wintersmith

Bill has been our YRC driver for many years and we could share many stories but the real story is that he cares about his customers and treats their freight like it was his own. We have freight that damages …

Terry McKenney
Sensory Effects
Billy Peach & Robby, Bob, Tom
Driver and Office Staff

Billy Peach is a very dedicated driver who anticipates what I need before I do most days. He is always on time, provides GREAT service and really takes care of our shipments. He goes above and beyond what any other …

Suzanne Hamm
Bob Frederickson
Account Executive

There are many stories we could share about Bob and PETREX, but there is not enough time.  We ship Time Critical and Guarnateed to numerous military bases in the United States and Bob has given 110% to ensure that the …

Bob Frederickson
Account Executive

Bob has been our rep for quite some time. He has always provided us with excellent rates along with the customer service and personal touch that sometimes gets overlooked in a big freight company. We’re lucky to have him, as …

Chris Washy
Chester-Jensen Co, Inc.
Bob Kenyon

Bob Kenyon has been our driver for years he is dependable, courteous, and always goes out of his way to ensure that we receive the best service possible.…

Matt Debo
A. N. Deringer Inc.
Bob Nielsen
Specialists - Association Solutions

On more than one occasion, Bob has helped me with identifying the correct class for our shipment and provided a quote. He has also provided a completed BOL and e-mailed it to me, thus making my job much easier. He …

Terri Hayduk
United Industrial Group
Bob Nielsen
Inside Sales Rep-Association

Bob is the reason we use YRC. My favorite saying is “it’s not what happens to you but how you react”. Bob has been nothing less than stellar in that regard. When an issue arises, Bob not only answers my …

Tim Vesevick
Empire Cooler Service
Bobbi Lovan
Customer Service Specialist

Bobbi is one of the most efficient specialists I have worked with in quite a while.  It is refreshing to deal with someone on a daily basis that clearly loves their job as it carries over to a YRC customer. …

Tereasa Umlauf
Bonnie Mackerman
Customer Service Specialist II

I would like to say that Bonnie showed me the true meaning of customer service. She was very patient and kind during a difficult situation. I can’t express how much I appreciated her help. “HARD WORK MATTERS “…

Meatrice White
Globe Express Services
Bonnie Mackerman
Customer Service Specialist II

Bonnie always watches my shipments and does all she can to make sure my time criticals arrive on time. Once I specifically asked her to watch one that had to arrive on time, and when she saw it was falling …

Moira Bryant
Dillmeier Enterprises
Brad Ehrlichman
Inside Sales Rep

This representative goes above and beyond to ensure that our experience with your company is exceptional.I can only hope to he is our representative from this point forward too. Sincerely, Maria Otero – Always In Season,Inc.…

Maria Otero
Always In Season
Brad Ehrlichman
Inside Sales Representative

Over the years, I’ve worked with many people and companies to arrange my freight and the lack of attention to detail was astounding. When I started working with YRC, Brad was assigned my account. He set the bar with his …

David Temer
Maya Road
Brad Ehrlichman
Inside Account Executive

Brad is always cheerful on the phone, always very helpful and will find answers to even my most difficult questions! He calls just to see if we need anything, and he always sends shipping notices to me when we ship …

Jill Drennan
Pecan Grove Solutions
Brad Ehrlichman
Inside Sales Representative

I know Brad has many accounts to service, but he’s always personable on the phone and gives me his time and attention to answer questions and get problems solved. We’ve periodically had our shipment questions, and each time he has …

Kathleen Evans
Brandy Benjamin
Lead Inside Sales Rep

She is awesome at her job, I’m just sad that she’s no longer my account rep. She is super helpful and if she has a question about my request she never assumes, she always asks to make sure we are …

Mark Johnas
FM Systems
Brenda and all the drivers at Mt. Vernon, NY terminal

Heberd Dental has been dealing with Brenda and all their drivers for a long time. Since our hours of operation differ, they have always been accommodating and make the deliveries we need. The drivers are always friendly and helpful when …

Jim Sabo
Heberd Dental
Brenda Lynn

Brenda is always very helpful and professional in advising our company when we’ve had freight shipments that were marked “dock pickup”. She was always friendly and helped when we needed information regarding the arrival of a shipment. She is the …

Charles Scoma
Southwest Hydrokinetics
Brent Haines

The care, attention to detail and thoroughness that he takes are unprecedented. if it wasn’t for him, I would not be doing business with YRC.…

Don Vancuren
Douglass Enviromental
Brian Beetle

I have been dealing with Brian since September 2015. When he comes into our building to pick up our product and is always friendly and smiling. He comes in and asked how my day is going and I will always …

Debra Eagles
Brian Briske

I call on all of the locations that Brian delivers and picks up freight from. I have never heard anyone complain about Brian. Everyone knows him by name. The locations that he stops at regularly say that he is always …

Keri Pender
YRC Freight - Lead Inside Sales Rep
Brian D. Campbell
Inside Account Executive-Urbandale, Iowa

Brian, for last two years, has been streamlining my trade show shipping processes. It makes a world of difference to know that he is never more than an email away…

Stephanie Jerger
Organic Trade Association
Brian D. Campbell
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Just a small note on how Brian handled our International Convention shipping in St. Louis, MO. He was very professional and his knowledge of how things can get from point a to point b was remarkable. He was definitely an …

Brian LaVelle
Account Executive

There so many stories to tell, I can not name just one. However, I just want to say that Brian has and is always there to help me with a shipment that I had an issue with. Thanks Brian for …

Brian Moore

Here at B&K LLC we have a high volume of LTL on a daily basis and deal with several different drivers consistently. Being a Distribution Center orders fluctuate daily and it is difficult to assess pick up times, pallet counts, …

Levi Taegtmeyer
B&K LLC/Mueller Industries
Bruce Allen
Account Executive

He’s the best!…

Donna Goodheart
Rettig USA INc DBA Myson Inc.
Bruce Cummins

Bruce is always on time, professional, & always has a smile on his face. He goes above and beyond his duties which makes my job a lot easier.…

Wendy Jackson
Petra Industries
Bryan Campbell
Vice President - Logistics Solutions

Bryan offers support to us daily and openly pushes us to utilize him and our resources to be successful with our customers. He is a driven team player and knows it takes a team to win.…

Cory Williams
YRC Freight - Account Executive
Bryan Fernandez
Inside Account Executive

Very helpful all the times.…

Luis Pardo
Cocoon Innovations LLC
Carl Bowen
Account Executive

Mr. Carl Bowen is our Account Executive serving the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton region out of terminal 178 and should be commended for the outstanding performance he displays every day. Mr. Bowen stops at nothing to help his customers achieve the …

Mark A Nenichka
Diamond Manufacturing Co.
Carrie Ferdon
Account Executive

I would like to recognize Carrie as one of the best Account Executives that I have had to deal with. She is always timely with monthly and YTD updates and keeps you abreast of activity occurring within the industry.…

Lori Okrasinski
Enstrom Helicopter Corporation
Carrie Ferdon
Account Executive

Carrie is extraordinary in giving us business solutions, addressing issues, and overall in assisting us to improve our operations together. I could not ask for someone more thorough and honest. She exhibits all the qualities I look for in a …

Greg Cornette
Carrie Ferdon
Account Executive

Carrie has always been extremely helpful in solving all issues and keeping on top of things. She is very knowledgeable in her field and has helped us tremendously. I appreciate all of her hard work and continued dedication keeping our …

Allison Bonilla Ortiz Delta Manufacturing
Delta Manufacturing
Cathy Flint & Jan Williams
Customer Solutions Specialist and Driver (Retired)

Cathy and the whole crew at reverse logistics have done a great job helping me with all my shipping needs. Jan Williams, who just retired, also did a great job as my driver.  Enjoy your retirement Jan.…

David Michael
Chicago Team A
Customer Service Specialists

Our dedicated customer service specialists are a group of remarkable young ladies. Our job is to be compassionate & understanding to the customer’s needs. We demonstrate compassion on the customer’s behalf, so they feel comfortable and calm enough to let …

Deborah Woods
YRC Freight - YRC Freight Customer Service Rep
Chris Crispo
Inside Account Executive

Dear YRC, I want to thank Chris Crispo for helping us in all of our shipments.…

Top Quality Mfg Inc.
Chris Donnely

Chris is an exceptional driver and will go out of his way to be of service to his customers. He has given us his phone number in case we need to get in touch with him for an unexpected pickup. …

Jerry Horton
Sauder Manufacturing Co.
Chris Holub
Lead Inside Sales Rep

I get quotes from Chris almost every day. He is accurate, punctual and takes great care of us and is very dedicated to his customers. Thanks so much, Chris, for great customer service!…

LyNae Steele
Cotey Chemical Corporation
Chris Kusiak
Account Executive

YRC is a preferred carrier. Mr. Kusiak is always on call and will go the extra mile to streamline communication and resolve issues.…

Deborah Rolewicz
SBS Group of Companies
Chris Librado
Inside Account Executive

Chris is outstanding! I have never had a person so willing to accommodate our freight needs. You contact her once and she sends the quote, generates a bill of lading and schedules the truck for you. Chris is always very …

Beth Gosser
Chris Steckman

Chris is always so helpful and cheerful, and someone you would like to work with, and she always returns our call promptly. Chris is the Best!! Cheers!…

Diana Lee
Cathay International
Christina Buckman
Area Sales Executive

Christina is always quick to respond if Anchor has a problem. Always bringing to my attention anything new in the YRC system that can make a difference to Anchor whether it is service times, delivery problems or saving us money. …

Ramona Hillenbrand
Anchor Industries Inc
Cindy Zuniga
Clerk/Customer Service

Cindy is definitely a great customer service person and very friendly and detail-oriented. Don’t let that one go, ever!…

Jim Whitehead
Cliff Moore
Account Executive

Cliff is always helpful. He is friendly and always handles questions in a prompt and professional manner.…

Rebecca Senn
Clifton Greene
Account Executive

Big thanks to Clifton Greene for coming and talking with us on how we can partner with YRC and for his warm introduction and outgoing attitude which really makes us feel comfortable that we are getting the best service available. …

Matthew Walley
Adform Creative
Connie Nowecky
Appointment Clerk

Connie is focused on every task that she is on at a level that is astonishing and yet she possesses the ability to constantly multitask throughout her day, as we all rely on her for so much.…

Greg Stanfill
YRC Freight - Terminal Manager
Corey Lockwood
Account Transition Spec, Inside Sales

Corey reached out to me in April of 2016 for business. We don’t do much freight shipping but every now and then. But when we do, Corey is always willing to help me and get our freight priced and out …

Connie Beck
Connie Paypal Personal
Craig Brummett
Distribution Center Manager

Craig has done a great job in developing his safety team that has been active in demos with the Tennessee Department of Safety as well as the Tennessee State Troopers.…

Steve Swarthout
YRC Freight - Area Director of Operations
Craig Stoermer
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Craig has to be the friendliest, nicest rep I’ve had the pleasure of talking to. He has been most helpful and seems to go out of his way to make sure any issues get resolved and he always makes sure …

Marnie Silveira
Vimar Equipment Ltd.
YRC Freight Customer Service Team
Customer Service Specialists

Every shipment we have the last 5 months – literally everyone on your customer service representatives have been outstanding..!!!!  I have advised my team to utilize the YRC customer service team as our benchmark!!!…

Don Guerrazzi
Sea-Bridge International, Inc.
Dan Rogge

Dan is always upbeat, courteous and willing to go the extra mile for all of his customers.  He has given us his personal cell number so that we can contact him directly and never hesitates to contact us if he …

Carol K.
Creative Light Source Inc.
Dani Ursabia
Inside Account Executive

I have no “special story” to tell about Dani, just praise for her excellence in every interaction we have with her. She is most responsive, attentive, thorough, accurate, thoughtful, and pleasant in all of her service and interactions with us. …

Jill Zitzer
Dani Ursabia
Inside Account Executive

Needed to get a display picked up in Las Vegas from a convention center, Dani helped coordinate the pickup and delivery, everything went very smooth. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.…

Cleo LaFontaine
Acme Awning Company
Danny Willis

We have had Danny working with us for many years. In my opinion, Danny is what any company would want as a representative. Dedication, loyal, thinking of the company before his needs, worrying about the customer that he is servicing. …

Cliff Webb
Iris USA Inc.
Darrell Swindle

Darrell has been our freight pickup driver for quite a few now with excellent service and disposition. He anticipates and lets us know how his run is going to be on a particular day in order for us to arrange …

Mario Mojica
Lennox Industries
Dave Contardi
Account Executive

My rep Dave Contardi is the best rep we have ever had. He is very helpful and works with us when we have any issues with our shipments. I know that if I call on Dave he will help find …

Cathy Corrales
Quantum Storage Systems
Dave Limeaux

Our driver of about 10 years is the best. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, just everything we could ask for in a driver. He is a driver in Phoenix.…

Pamela Johnson
Complete Fulfillment & Distribution
Dave Lobb

Dave “The Freight Shaker” Lobb is awesome. I’m the freight manager and he continues to exceed my expectations on the way a driver should carry/present themselves at a location. He is by far the best driver that I’ve gotten to …

Amy Bodnar
Elk Lighting
Dave Lorenz

Dave is always the bright light of any busy day. He is always happy, pleasant, and helpful. He is familiar with our warehouse setup and gets our skids to the loading dock quickly and safely. He makes is a pleasure …

Dorothy Drueck
D & R Classic Automotive, Inc.
David Lobb

Dave is always proactive in ensuring our palletized shipments are properly packaged to arrive intact to the end customer. He goes out of his way to make sure our freight is picked up, at times calling to see if it’s …

Zack Steigerwalt
Highwood USA LLC
David Wendt

David Wendt has been our YRC Freight driver for years. The owners and all of our staff consider him part of our family. He is always professional, prompt, so friendly always has a big smile and he goes out of …

Maryellen B.
Phoenix Precast Products
Deb Opalewski
Clerk/Customer Service

For my money, I choose YRC for one reason over all the others – because of the people! Specifically, our Preferred Customer Service Representative Deb Opalewski. Not only is she one of the finest examples of true professionals I have …

Robert Reed
Conversa Solutions LLC
Debbie Marshall
Account Executive

We have been doing business with Yellow/YRC Freight more than 30 years. We have always been happy with service. It has extraordinary since we know Debbie. She will take the extra step to satisfied us .  If we have any …

Manu Chabria
Ramsons Imports, Inc.
Deborah Mitchell
Truckload/Accounts Specialist

I called and talked to several people, trying to find a truckload out of our plant to a customer in CT that was in need of product ASAP. Deb was very nice and fantastic help! When trying to locate using …

Sue Carr
Sonoco Alloyd Brands
Denise Hummer
Office Specialist

Denise does not shy away from extra responsibilities and has always been a valuable member to the Sacramento facility. She is the go-to person in absence of a Terminal Manager.…

James Coupe
YRC Freight - Area Director of Operations
Dennis Clark

Dennis is just the best driver I have come by my warehouse. As it stands, I am the only forklift driver and my management of our warehouse is coupled with a lot of office work. Dennis is always the picture …

Paul Hedrick
Kone, Inc.
Dennis Jensen
Account Executive

Dennis made setting up an account a breeze, we have a unique invoice email system and that also was set up with no issues.…

Charles Gibney
Dennis Moran

Dennis has been a valuable resource and contact for us with our local YRC terminal. Whenever we need help or answers regarding YRC operations and service, we have been able to get Dennis involved with issues on both inbound and …

Jefffrey Fawcett
Oliver Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Deshara "Dee" Carey
Account Executive

Dee has been so helpful, kind and courteous and always follows up. Such a light of sunshine when so many are just cold and uncaring today. Much appreciated!!…

Bettyanne Lamontagne
Micro-Fab, Inc.
Deshara "Dee" Carey
Account Executive

Dee is always there for me and our company. She is so professional, kind and such a pleasure to do business with. She gets to the bottom of all our issues timely and with the best attitude. She is an …

Jennifer Hoffman
Deward White

Deward has been picking up our freight for over 10 years now. He is one of those guys that never has a bad thing to say, always up for a good joke and even if he is having a bad …

George Dean
Petersen Incorporated
Dispatch Team at MN (385)

These guys do a great job.  They are so easy to work with, they recognize you by voice even with the number of different people they interact with, and they always have great attitudes.…

Stephen Eskelson
Pak Mail Metro, Inc.
Divine Tresana
Inside Account Executive

We do very little outbound shipping from our stores and we had a customer in Maryland that wanted us to handle the shipping for them. I needed help and Divine walked me through the process and followed up each and …

Mark Couto
Bobcat Enterprises
Donald Beasley

The Savannah GA terminal is fortunate to have Donald Beasley as an employee. He does more than drive a truck and transfer freight. As important as that is to my business, his manner, good humor, commitment to quality service and …

Mike Clark
Preciball USA
Donna Wisser
Operations Specialist

Miss Donna is always polite and helpful. Pre-alerts are sent every day on time. After scheduled delivery, Miss Donna will arrange for urgent or missing freight for same day delivery.…

Hamp Smith
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Donovan Bartley

Dee has been a great respectful driver. Often times he stops by to see if we have freight ready to ship out and he is always on time for our pickup. He is the driver that I can count on …

Victor Cabanilla
Doug Candre
Dispatch Manger

Doug Candre is a very proactive Dispatch Manager. He knows what equipment is needed to ship product and makes sure it is picked up in a timely manner. If any issues occur, Doug and the dispatch team will solve the …

Deborah Rolewicz
SBS Group of Companies
Doug Miller

Doug is an outstanding representative of YRC. He is very cordial and genuinely shows he appreciates our business. He is very professional in his duties. He has always helped with any concerns we have had with deliveries and pickups. He …

Rodney Barfield
United Brass Works, Inc.
Doug Pechal

Our main truck driver is Doug Pechal. Doug is always ready  to assist us in the pick up and delivery process. He’s a hard worker and very conscientious about our freight. Thanks to Doug & YRC Freight for outstanding performance!…

Jerry A.
Enviro Dyne/Expressoverstock
Kevin, Al and Jason
Drivers and Account Exec

Drivers Kevin and Al are an AMAZING team that work together to make sure that I am never forgotten!! Even when I ask for out of the ordinary pickup requests or spur of the moment pickup requests. They rearrange their …

Lisa Wessling
Millerbernd Mfg Company
Earl Muffet

Earl is our favorite driver. He is always happy! He always has a smile on his face and seems genuinely happy to see us!…

Cleta Meinershagen
Gateway Truck & Refrigeration
Ed Dowers

Ed takes very good care of my needs on a daily basis. He makes sure I have enough trailers and also makes sure they are in good condition. We have a big push at the end of each month and …

Wayne Achey
Eddy Fernandez
Senior Account Executive

Whenever I have question or clarification, I call Eddy. For years Eddy courted our company to use YRC services till finally we decided to give it a try. That was about 3-4 years ago when I decided to give it …

Mahmoud Samne
RDP Marathon Inc.
Elizabeth Murray
Customer Service Specialist

Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with. Very pleasant, always willing to help out and to go above and beyond whatever we need. I have been working with her off and on for 4 years and have had nothing but …

Karen Regan
MLH Fire Protection Ltd.
Elliot Grondin
Corporate Account Executive

Elliot was our Account Representative for about 7-8 years. Just recently he was promoted, and unfortunately, we have lost him as our Account Rep. But his promotion was very well-deserved, based on my experience in working directly with him. Elliot …

Jeff Valiton
American Power Pull
Elma Mendoza
Customer Service Representative

Elma went the extra mile to help me when I needed it the most. She called numerous extensions and tracked down someone that could help us out. She offered her extension if I was not contacted by YRC Freight that …

Tom Taake
Straight Shot Logistics
Erin Sheehy
Sales Support Specialist II

Erin has been our YRC support contact for several years and always goes above and beyond her job to help with whatever we need and if she doesn’t have the answer…she certainly will find it out or who to contact …

Julianne Ramous
ReTrans Freight
Everyone at YRC Freight

Since we use a logistics company to book our freight, we rarely get to meet employees personally. However – we ship with several companies on a regular basis, and our shipments are big, awkward, and sometimes a bit challenging. YRC …

Leah Puhlman
Sturdi-built Mfg Co
Faye Kirking
Customer Service Representative

Faye is our go-to person for assistance on any issues/questions we have about any of our freight invoices we receive. She is always so helpful and responds quickly and honestly to all our requests. Her knowledge in the industry is …

Freight Pay Dept.
N/A Group Transportation Services
Frank Craig
Senior Exhibit Services Manager

Frank Craig saved the day by personally transporting our tradeshow equipment from the distribution center to the conference center in his own vehicle! Frank dazzled the customer with outstanding customer service!…

Diane Bruneau
Traveling Coaches, Inc.
Gabbie Leoncito
Inside Account Executive

Gabbie Leoncito has helped our company determine the best freight options as we begin to develop a national distribution network for our products. Gabbie has been very attentive to our needs, I can always rely on her follow up. I …

Electrolyzed Innovations
Gabrielle Gibson
LTL estimator

Gabbi has been there to help us with special shipments and unusual size loads. She responds quickly to our requests and gets all the details to make the shipments run smoothly. She calls to check in with us to see …

Sylvia Bidwell
Fletcher-Reinhardt Co
Gilbert Payer
Driver/Dock Worker

My dealings with Gilbert have always been outstanding. When I go to the dock to pickup my freight he always stops what he is doing and get’s my freight. When giving him paperwork for dropping freight he always does the …

Jack Gibbs
409 Chevy Performance
Ginette Horan
Revenue Management Specialist

One of our customers made an extra payment to our freight invoice due to a change in delivery locations. This payment was misapplied by YRC, and we paid it as well. We were still getting invoices, and Ginette was kind …

Dale Gadoury
Penn Elcom Inc
Greg Brant
Area Account Executive

Greg is always checking in with us via email and office visits to make sure we know all of the services YRC provides (we use the Trade Show Team quite often) and asking if there is anything he can personally …

Mark Grubb
Cool Clean Technologies, LLC
Greg Kostenko
Account Executive

Greg Kostenko always handles our needs in a professional and timely manner. Greg routinely proactively calls us to check in . When we have questions or problems arise Greg is there!!!…

Norm Plumb
East & West Craft Ltd.
Gregg Stewart Sales Rep
Account Executive

Gregg Stewart on numerous occasions has saved my company a fortune by sharing the new market items your company has integrated into its system. I did not think to use some of these benefits in the past due to the …

Wayne Davidovitch
Ovation In Store
Hap Newell
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Hap Newell is probably the only reason I hung in there with YRC. We had a short series of issues with damages and late delivery, but Hap stayed on top of the responsible terminal, got back to me with valid …

Donna Plump
DMG America, LLC
Hap Newell
Lead Inside Sales Rep

There are no words to describe how great of an employee he is.  He has pulled me out of some difficult situations. A tremendous asset to your company .…

Tim Hart
Wyssmont Comp Inc
Harold Ruggless
Customer Service Specialist II

I have been very lucky to get help from all your folks. Harold, I do seem to get more often. He has been a great help and for several years that I’ve had what I think are complicated arrangements he …

Armando Sanchez
US Forest Service, SDTDC
Jackie Minich
Area Sales Executive

Jackie Minich our sales person makes the difference every day without fail. She is always there for us day or night! She gets it done!…

Frank Casillo
Graphic Controls
James Davis

I wish that I had a shop full employees like James (aka: Turbo). I wouldn’t need to be here! He is AWESOME! Always has a smile, friendly and getting things done. I have a lot of freight that ends up …

John McClure
Monitor Products, Inc.
James Devine

Jim Devine is our route driver and his professionalism and care are evident every time he comes here. He is helpful, pleasant and always makes us glad we chose YRC as our carrier.…

Judy Gori
Vangura Tool Inc.
James McLung

James is wonderful. He is always courteous, efficient and always patient when he has to re-work his truck in order to add additional freight that we have at the last minute. He is great to work with and we always …

Mary Growden

James is a very caring person. He always try to make sure our products arrive in good shape. Very nice & respectful. YRC should be proud to have such good employees.…

Shirley Scott
James Strand
Sales Support Specialist II

Exceptional customer service for over 5 years as someone who managed our account. Never did this employee shy away or was not there when needed. A great asset to YRC! James Strand Local Sales Support YRC Freight…

Wasif Asghar
Ultrapure & Industrial Services, LLC
Jamie Mosier
Account Executive

Jamie is always there when you need him. He is very prompt to answer any questions that we have. He goes the extra mile to help out with anything and make sure all of our needs are taken care of.…

Chris DenHoed
GA Murdock, Inc
Jan Hildebrand
Operations Supervisor

I would like to appreciate Jan as he has been a pleasure to work with over the years he always makes sure my return freight is picked up in a timely manner. I appreciate all that he does. Thank you.…

Loretta Gischel
Jan Hildebrand

Always getting our trucks picked up in a timely manner even when we call at the last minute. Sometimes we have late freight that needs to be picked up the same day and delivered. He gives 110% to everything he …

Dawn Zinkhan
Janice Johnson

Janice goes above and beyond to make sure our freight is scheduled and picked up each day. Whether she has to send one driver or two. It’s rare that our pick ups are ever missed. We appreciate you Jan!! 🙂…

Melissa Smith
SKC Inc.
Janice Johnson
Sr. Dock Supervisor

It is truly a pleasure to work with Janice. She is my only dispatcher that takes the time to acknowledge my emails and will actually communicate with me. I can only imagine how busy all dispatchers must be but Janice …

Judy Daniel
Sortimo North American
Jason Klett
Inside Account Executive

I’ve been in the oil field since 1988 and I’ve dealt with different freight companies. If I must say so myself, Jason Klett is the best I’ve ever dealt with. Jason is always quick on responding with a freight quote …

Andrew Landry
Robicheaux Manufacturing
Jean Flores
Inside Account Executive

Jean has been outstanding customer service rep who has gone the extra mile for our company. She has taken the extra time we need for quotes and when an issue arises she is the first person I call and she …

John Hodorowicz
Mid South Bus Center
Jeff Cobacha
Inside Account Executive

Jeff is always very helpful, prompt and pleasant. He can handle last minute changes which happens in our line of business. We enjoy working with him.…

Millie Packard
Webco Machine Tool
Jeff Gibbons

No story in particular just that I have been working at Patio and Poolside for 6 years and can’t remember when Jeff was not delivering patio furniture to me. He always calls ahead to tell me he is on his …

Lynn Johnson
Casual Living Patio and Poolside
Jeff Gibbons

Jeff always goes out of his way to quickly get here or to delay his arrival by picking up other loads first to make our life easier. He comes in with such manors, respect and always a smile. He is …

Missy Clark
In-O-Vate Technologies Inc.

The most friendly driver we have ever had.  Now he doesn’t deliver to us as his route has changed.…

Jeffrey Rice and James Albers
YRC Reverse Logistics, Grove City, OH

There is no one particular story for Jeff and James…or for the others at YRC my company deals with. Rather, it is the simple, straightforward professionalism they always convey. Our requests are always promptly handled and any questions we might …

Dean Craft
ISE Logik Industries
Jennifer Ericsson
Terminal Manager YRC Freight - Oshawa

Jennifer is an exceptional person to deal with in the always unpredictable world of shipping. Quite often I have last minute shipment requests and Jennifer is always accommodating, often juggling her schedule to fit my request in. She always goes …

Jay Martin
ASC Signal Corporation
Jennifer Higashi-Kim
Office Specialist

I would like to take this time to thank Jennifer Higashi-Kim from the Honolulu branch for helping from all aspects of your operation from tracking down my freight shipments to giving me ETAs on when my shipments will be available. …

Robert Pratt
Bacon Universal Company
Jermaine Lewis

We at Pibbs industries would like to nominate JERMAINE LEWIS as the top driver at YRC FREIGHT. Our shipping department loves him. He is our YRC representative. He is a hardworking individual and puts a lot of tender loving care …

Giulio Petruccelli
Pibbs inc.
Jerome Wilkinson
Account Executive

Mr. Wilkinson is very helpful in his capacity as Specialty Welding’s Account Executive. If there is a problem, he is always available to provide a solution. He continually works toward providing better pricing and service to us. He visits with …

Tammy Chamblee
Specialty Welding Diesel Power
Jerry Greene

I learned the definition of integrity to be what someone does while no one is watching. Jerry is a man that is going to do what is right, because it is the right thing to do. Jerry is an irreplaceable …

Michael Bauth
YRC Freight - Terminal Manager
Jerry Kraetsch

Jerry always rolls in with a smile, be it an early delivery or a later in the day pickup. He’ll make an extra phone call to see how big a load is, or drop in (when he’s at a nearby …

Paul Myers
Concast Inc.
Jim Allan
Account Executive

He is a great guy that always returns my phone calls, to put out whatever fire is necessary, for the day. He is on the ball 100%. Thanks for all that you do for our company.…

Mikey Siegel
Competitive Edge
Jim Butler & to all Present Team Members and Retirees
Retired Terminal and Linehaul Manager

Over the Labor Day Holiday, I had the opportunity to visit Jim Butler who hired me nearly 33 years ago. I wanted to say thanks not only to our present team members but to all of those now retired and …

Kelly Kendall
YRC Freight
Jim McCoy
Account Executive

Jim has always done a great job for us, if i ever have a problem he responds fast — even if he’s on vacation.…

John Loy
Jim Provost

Jim delivers and picks up freight at our facility everyday and is always looking out for our interests as a YRC customer. He makes sure to deliver and unload our freight safely and without causing any damage and for our …

Jeffrey Fawcett
Oliver Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Jim Ruff

Jim and I met as he was the new driver for the Mentor area after the previous driver bid for another area. We got along from day one simply because we are an early closer (2:30) and he’s never missed …

Dean Garrido
Lintern Corp.
Jim Russ

Jim and I met as he was the new driver for the Mentor area after the previous driver bid for another area. We got along from day one simply because we are an early closer(2:30) and he’s never missed a …

Dean Garrido
Lintern Corp.
Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson is an exceptional person that cares about what he does and is carrying. Always friendly and respectful of our timing/schedule which is typically little crazy. We can count on him being flexible and friendly at all times.…

Josh Gifford
Creative Mobile Interiors
Jimmy Yuille

Been working with Jim as our main driver here for the past 12 years or more. He has always been outstanding in taking care of our needs. Often times going out of his way to get the freight to us. …

Mark Micciulla
Claremont Corp
Jodi Mueller
Customer Service

Always helpful & knowledgeable with all shipments.…

Marsha Peters
General Pet Supply
Joe Disimino & Matt Hoagland
Driver and Account Executive

MY Driver Joe Disimino  & sales Rep Matt Hoagland are the absolute best when it comes to service ,  Joe makes room every day to ensure all of my daily freight is picked up , sometimes he even waits for …

Wade Thompson
Joe Nelson

I met Joe on a phone call.  He was calling to drum up some outbound freight.  We talked several times before some business got started.  Every time I called Joe, he was all about business in a great way.  He …

Joe Santoro
Account Executive

Joe always goes out of his way to make sure things are running smoothly with our account. Recently, he was quite instrumental in getting a very large freight bill reduced.…

Lynne Pradke
Cryofab, Inc.
Joe Wallace

I made an error on the shipping address of a time critical item and only realized it after Joe had picked up the shipment. I called him, told him what happened and requested that he return the shipment for the …

Lisa Rivers
Lockheed Martin Aero - ICP
John Cox

John’s always ready to help, whether that means showing up at the end of the day for a last-minute shipment or helping load up boxes when the forklift suddenly goes kaput. I can always count on him to be here …

DJ Baughman
Allied Boiler & Supply, Inc.
John Grygiel

John puts a huge effort into safety and routinely puts in his own time and effort trying to make things better. He is enthusiastic and tireless in his work. He has been the catalyst behind many improvements and enhancements at …

Paul Loslo
YRC Freight - Dock Worker
John Stankovich
Area Sales Executive

John has been my account executive for many years and I can tell you with hesitation he is a true professional. He goes above and beyond and is always willing to go the extra mile to rectify any issue I …

John Brottenberg
L.I.F Industries
Jordan Roberts
Area Sales Executive

Jordan Roberts has been instrumental in developing a relationship with Savage Services. While we strive to develop a larger percentage of our shipping with YRC, Jordan has been our point of contact for a variety of reasons. Whether it be …

Tyler Flynn

Always more than willing to go the extra mile. Your drivers are the ones that see customer more than anyone else. He is always in a good mood and a great help.…

Gloria White
Joseph Sager
Account Executive

Most people who work with me know how picky I can be with things. I am very particular with the companies I use to ship our products, and excellent customer service is a must. Whenever there is an issue with …

Joyce Ayers
Inside Sales Representative

This was my first contact ever with YRC after moving to Kansas City, MO. I had shipped a few pallets back to California and received a phone call after about the service from Joyce. She was extremely friendly and helpful.  …

James Miller
On Target Solutions Inc
Joyce Jensen
Customer Service Specialist II

Thanks to the tenacity of Joyce we were able to track down a missing $8000 instrumentation shipment. She was determined to use her knowledge and experience to locate our freight and that is exactly what she did. Clearly a dedicated …

Gary Savino
Fluke Calibration
Julie Steinbery

Julie is always there to help and when I have any questions about delivery receipt or PO#. Julie, thank you for all your support it is always appreciated.…

Sarita Narayan
Kaleb Diehl

Kaleb is a very nice young man. We look forward to him coming. He is willing to help any way he can. Always asks if he can take more freight. A real joy to have him coming into Central Plastics. …

Linda Davies
Central Plastics, Inc.
Kari Fisher
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Kari is always on the ball. She checks in every week to see if we have anything she can help us schedule for pickup and delivery. She is personable, polite, considerate, efficient, knowledgeable, and always willing to go above and …

Quay Flom
Superior Hydraulics Repair
Kari Sutter
Inside Sales Representative

Kari Sutter is great. She is always going above and beyond. Great customer service.  She is pleasant to work with.  I would be lost without her.  Thank you for making my work easier.…

Sara Vargas
Kathy Lombardo
Operations Support Specialist

The Rite Aid Phila DC is actually two different buildings, one in Fairless Hills and one in Langhorne. Due to this, our addresses for delivery from the shipper is often not the correct one. Kathy faxes me every day with …

Cheryl Finley
Rite Aid Corp.
Kathy Sparks
Inside Sales Rep-Association

After a bad experience with customer service, Kathy gave me a call and helped me out with an LTL shipment I needed. She has gotten me out of a couple tight spots. She always goes out of her way to …

Marco Ramirez
Katie Johnson
Sr. Operations Supervisor

Katie Johnson is a very friendly customer service rep for YRC out of Lagrange GA. She calls to let me know if drivers will be late or if she can’t pick up today. If I need a late pick Katie …

Juanita Dunson
Jac Products, Franklin, GA
Kelly Kemper
Account Executive

Kelly is always helpful in the matter of our shipping related issues and she provides excellent service to our needs.…

Jose Annicattu
Ken Cozma
Terminal Operations Manager

There is not a single story I can alone relay about Mr. Cozma, or Ken, as he is fondly known by those of us at Brandt.  But I can attest to countless years of continuous “above and beyond” efforts of …

Garnet Parker
Brandt Group of Companies
Ken Willoughby

I cannot begin to tell you how many times Mr. Willoughby has helped us with loading and unloading freight. Many times he has helped other carriers with our freight. He has returned from across the base when we had to …

Colleen Shuster
Raytheon Company


Kenny Crowe
Sr. City Dispatcher

Your drivers are great, but the one person that stands out above all is Kenny in Dispatch. I had talked to Kenny for about 3 or 4 years before I every me him, and new he was someone special. When …

Kenny Smith

Kenny continually offers exceptional customer service. He often checks in to ensure everything is going smoothly and to express his appreciation for our business.…

Phil Metro
Superior Essex Int'l

Kevin is always friendly and helpful. One time we had a large shipment that wouldn’t all fit on his truck, so he took what he could and then worked with dispatch to make sure that the rest was picked up …

Amy Grimes
TerraVesco or Sonoma Valley Worm Farm
Kevin Arquiza
Account Executive

Kevin called me many times and started to send me very competitive rates. This help me to work with YRC Freight with trust. Kevin always found the time to listen to my request and help me in all of them, …

Gladys Barrios
Forever Trading LLC
Kevin Heitz
Lead Inside Sales Rep

From the time our account was set up, it has been a pleasure working with Kevin. He is always available to answer my questions, no matter how menial some are, and help with any issue that arises. Kevin’s customer service …

Natalie Sundquist
White Knuckle Off Road Products
Kevin Hubert

Our driver, Kevin, always announces his presence in a professional and pleasant manner; He always checks in with one of my guys, asks them if they need any additional services, and checks in again when he departs, and follows through …

James Lanuza
Kevin Lefter & Daleena Barnes
Driver and "Go To Person"

The two people that I have the most contact with are Kevin Lefter and Daleena Barnes.  Kevin is our regular driver and Daleena is my “go-to” person.  Kevin is so helpful to our shipping department in Oxford.  If we need …

Matilda Venter
Kim Barrie

We ship with YRC multiple shipments each week. Every single shipment handled through Kim is on time. Each time I speak with her, she is knowledgeable, upfront, and always willing to assist. Each time I ship through her terminal, I …

Kimberly Pelen
Inside Account Executive

I don’t have any specific story to tell about Kimberly beyond that she is incredibly attentive, responsive, and just a joy to work with. Shipping for a small company like mine is always the last hurdle before we invoice, and …

Brett Cooper Peke Safety
Peke Safety
Kitz Afan

Kitz is personally interested and concerned about how our freight is handled. He is willing to go beyond the call of duty to make sure we are satisfied with how the shipping process is accomplished. He calls often after the …

Paul Moos
Rock Mills Enterprises
Kyle Hester
Account Executive

I am very pleased with Kyle’s service. He is always prompt and efficient with my freight quote request.…

Violet Sun
Kym Quinlan
Lead Inside Account Executive

Kym Quinlan is always quick to reply to my emails. She goes above and beyond to help us with our shipping needs. We were introduced to Kym when GES made an error with our trade show pallets. Kym took charged …

Gay-Lynn Douglas
Joseph K & Company
Kym Quinlan
Lead Inside Sales Rep

I don’t believe I can adequately describe the awesomeness that is Kym Quinlan in 400 characters. My company has worked with YRC for years, Kym took over managing our account a year or so ago. I honestly never thought twice …

David Fan
Trina Beauty
Lee Crowe
Area Sales Executive

We always get the best service from our YRC rep, Lee Crowe!! Matrix appreciates his loyal assistance. Thank you.…

Nancy O'Shea
Matrix Drilling Products
Lee Crowe
Area Sales Executive

Lee’s our man. And Lee’s THE man. If I have a problem, which is rarely, he solves it. If I’m unsure about how to ship something, he comes by to look at my freight and advise me. When I’ve ventured …

DJ Baughman
Allied Boiler & Supply, Inc.
Lee Roohan          
Corporate Account Executive

Lee takes every aspect of the job seriously, whether it is negotiating multi-million dollar bids, growing both shipments and revenue or even his follow-up on the Revenue Management side of the equation.…

Dan Crowley
YRC Freight - Division Director of Sales, Northeast
Leslie Graue
Account Executive

Leslie is the most supportive sales person I’ve ever had from YRC. She truly cares! When you have questions or issues, she’s right on top of it.…

Kelly Krolczyk
Serac Incorporated
Leslie Graue
Account Executive

Leslie is a joy and she makes my job so much easier. Through excellent service, communication and problem-solving, Leslie has ensured that I am a very happy YRC customer. Our company’s prior preferred LTL carrier was a nightmare of billing …

Joanne Minniti
Fuel Tech, Inc.
Liliana Dominguez Pinon
Account Executive

Liliana is always very pleasant and helpful. She is informative and will always go out of her way to assist. She recently helped get our company a great discount and now we have devoted all of our outgoing shipments that …

Chrystal Ford
Para Systems
Lori A. Jacobson
Customer Service Specialest

Back in April of this year we had a shipment of two skids going to TX. As it turned out the shipment was supposed to be shipped to two different locations. One to TX and the other to CA. Laurie …

Scott Crear
Lehigh-Armstrong inc
Lori Guy
Document Records/Utility Clerk

Lori is an example of someone who goes above and beyond for YRC customers. Our main warehouse is located down the street from the YRC terminal in South Bend IN. Often we will need to make drop off’s at the …

Maria Gaete
Lorraine Van Den Baard
Sales Support Specialist II

Lorraine has been working with YRC operations, Ryder and myself for over a year. She is always cheerful and works hard to get us the information we need to ensure that our expectations are met. She goes above and beyond …

Lynda Hogue
Carlex ARG
Louis Buttel
Driver/Dock Worker

In the world of “Hard Work Matters”, Louis Buttel tops the list. Lou practices YRC Freight’s core values in every task he does with respect and integrity and never shies away from any duty asked of him. He would be …

Laurie McAndrews
YRC Freight - City Dispatch Supervisor
Love Sajorda
Inside Sales Executive

Good afternoon, I would like to recognize Love Sajorda for all of his dedication and effort in making a difference for us here at the Frankfort facility.…

Maplehurst Bakeries
Luanne Carroll

I have always had a good experience working with Luanne, whether trying to locate a missed place of freight or an incorrect label. She has always gone above and beyond to help us out in anyway possible. I don’t speak …

Diane Olson
Bishop Fixture & Millwork
Lynn Taylor
Lead Inside Sales Rep

I was searching and calling many companies to get the cheapest price for shipping. I was frustrated until I got a hold of Lynn Taylor and suddenly my frustrations were all taken care of. I was exceptionally pleased with the …

John Shrock
Fargo Baptist
Lynsey Richardson
Account Executive

Lynsey has always gone above & beyond to help us when we are in need. She has been off on medical leave & has still told us we can email her when we need assistance. We have tried not to …

Becky Coker
Marc Thurman
Operations Supervisor/ Dispatcher

In the final hour, on the final day of the week, Marc came through for me in a pinch and miraculously furnished four 53′ trailers ready for pick up at a customer’s facility within approximately 4 hours. Talk about being …

Jordan Bond
Wheeling, IL
Mark Domayer
Customer Service Specialist II

Every time I email him for a quote, he get’s back to me in a timely manner. I appreciate the calls when he asks if we need any information or just to pop in to see if we need any …

Jess Vega
Cera Tile/Victory Mosaic
Mark Friscone
Division Director - Sales

Mark Friscone is an amazing guy! There has never been a time when I have called that a request, no matter how large or small was not met with the utmost attention. Mark always takes the time to make me …

Tricia Vashon
Mark Hammack

Always been an exceptional person that we miss dearly, not that the new driver isn’t o.k. but Mark was very personal & hands on! We like it that way in our part of town. We miss him & wish we …

Angela Gochnour
Innovation First International
Mark Wuest, Sean Schoenfeld and Frank Clark
Driver, Driver, Account Executive

I would like to recognize our YRC drivers Mark and Sean. Both go out of their way to satisfy us and have gone over and beyond to give us good service. Our representative in the past, Curtis Koch, moved up …

Larry Curtiss
National Technology Transfer, Inc
Marty Lyons

I scheduled a pick up one morning and the drivers are instructed that our delivery end at 3:30pm, Marty was in Atchison, KS about 30 minutes away from our store and it was around 3pm, and he had to go …

Misty Smith
Mark Domayer
Customer Service Specialist II

I have been working with Mark for about 4 years. Even though YRC has changed our rep, I have continued to call on Mark for advice and wise counsel. He has always gone out of his way to be as …

Jon Brigner
Living in Faith
Megan Brancheau
Customer Service Specialist

Megan is always helpful and always gets back with answers to questions promptly. She is always courteous and goes the extra mile to help out with problems.…

G. Prevete
E.T. Browne Drug Co.
Megan DePillo
Account Executive

Megan DePillo has been a dedicated, hardworking representative who truly works for her customers- She has been this way from the very first moment I made her acquaintance when she introduced herself as my YRC Rep…..She is ALWAYS pleasant and …

Megan Larsen
Account Executive

I don’t have any one story to share, but overall, Megan has been an exceptional account rep for us.…

Michael Telleson
Direct Pack Inc
Mel Carter
Account Executive

Mel is always available for any needs I may have. He stops by to let me know of ways we can save in shipping and follows thru to make sure our shipments arrive on time. We all love Mel!…

St Andrews Products
Michael Duncan
Account Executive

We had a stretch of damage and missing parts on deliveries which forced us to start using another freight company in some areas. Michael started working our territory and has worked hard to resolve our issues, and we have returned …

Dave Ray
Michael Jaquez
Area Sales Executive

Michael is amazing. Whether we have a billing issue or a major issue with hot freight, he always—and I mean even on his days off—gets it done for us. He is seriously a great help for Traffix. We use YRC …

Barbara Hood
Traffix Devices
Michael Peiter
Inside Sales Rep-Association

Every time I call or email Michael Peiter he is ALWAYS polite and extremely helpful. I know there were many things I could’ve figured out on the website but he was happy to take care of me each time I …

Julie Schulz
C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc.
Michelle Montgomery
Shipping Clerk

Michelle is always super helpful. We utilize her for many different types of questions our company has ranging from pickups to billing to tracing. She is always prompt and responsive. She’s our go-to gal. Thanks for your outstanding service Michelle!…

Beth Orr
Roll Rite LLC
Molly Abogatal
Inside Account Executive

Since we first started receiving product on your trucks, and Molly has been nothing but helpful the whole time. She would call and check up on us month to month. I enjoy that she cares so much for her customers. …

Rebekah Bozarth
Merit Fasteners
Nelly Yanoyan
Inside Account Executive

Nelly is an efficient person.  She always replies/call me in very short time. She always provides a good price quote and solves my problems with close follow-up to meet my expectations so she deserves any type of reward from her …

Denis Pang
Suncraft Solutions Inc
New Jersey Terminal 122

YRC and Falcon have been doing business for over 35 years mostly as Roadway then YRC. There is not just one person we can honor but the entire local terminal that handles our freight- you rock!!…

Trish Jones
Falcon Safety Products

Our story isn’t an exciting story. Its the story about a driver that comes in, does his best, makes us feel valued, and does a good job for us every day. Our driver, Norm, takes care of us. He helps …

Oliver Blue
Account Executive

Oliver has been a great rep, but he went beyond the call of duty recently. He gave me a quote that for some reason didn’t go through with the correct classification and ended up costing me more. When I asked …

Cynthia Ecklund
Johnson Concrete Company
Orion Mendez
Account Executive

I consider Orion Mendez very efficient.  He has stopped by the office without an appointment just to verify your service and address any issues.…

Paola Escudero
Orlando Hub / Supervisor

It was a Sunday and a trade show booth was not delivered by the deadline of the prior Saturday (not YRC’s fault). The show was scheduled to start Sunday at noon, the customer was due at the same time. I …

Roger Vonderahe
Patrick Moore & Zeb Osborne

Patrick & Zeb both are very nice, polite drivers. They always make sure the count is correct . They always pick up freight on time. We need more good drivers like them.…

Terry Starnes
Phil Winchester

Phil is a regular to our facility and has become our favorite driver to see. He is always friendly and easy to work with making things for us a lot easier! He is genuine, hard working and always keeps a …

Tanya B.
Phil Winchester

Customer service is job one to Phil. He gave us his cell phone number and told us to call him any time. This was extremely helpful one day when we loaded the wrong freight on his truck and didn’t realize …

Tommy Condrey
Phyllis White
Inside Sales Representative

Phyllis White is great.  She calls me all the time, checking on how the delivery went.  She is extremely helpful.…

Karen Alfero
Future Machine Products
Phyllis White
Inside Sales Rep

We never knew we could have a personal freight company. If it wasn’t for Phyllis calling and explaining what YRC could do for us, we would still be muddling around in the freight world abyss. She has walked us through …

Tom Pope
River Trails Park District
Preston Fleming
Sales Support Specialist

It would be far easier to recount one story in particular, but Preston has proved invaluable to us in a number of situations. His responsiveness and commitment to us as his customer, not to mention the way he advocates on …

Missy Williams
Spenard Builders Supply / ProBuild / Builders First Source
Randy Cutshaw
Operations Supervisor

Randy Cutshaw from the Kingsport terminal is an awesome employee, his personality, his dedication is out of this world. I email him daily with the freight that we have from plants 1 and 2. He never misses a beat, on …

Cleta Pennington
Royal Building
Randy Shaver

Randy Shaver is our regular driver. He is always on time for pick ups. He is always in a good mood and has a smile on his face. I really appreciate him counting each carton on each shipment. This has …

Gail Parker
Southern Pipe Inc.
Randy Stephenson
Account Executive

Randy is the best Account Executive!!! He is always responsive to our special request concerning our Month End shipping needs and or any request that he is faced with. He is always courteous and respectful and always checks in to …

Mary Growden
Randy Stephenson
Account Executive

Always there when we call for help. Our number one carrier of choice.…

Shirley Scott
Randy Stephenson
Account Executive

We are fortunate to have Randy as our Account Executive.  He is always there if we need help to resolve an issue or simply answer a freight question. He checks in with us on a regular basis to make sure …

Charles Runion
CRSystems, Inc.
Ray Houghteling
Terminal Manager

Ray Houghteling, the Detroit Terminal Manager, is a pleasure to work. He is very responsive to any urgent needs as well as quick to help resolve OSD issues even if it is not directly related to his terminal.…

Jason Heilbrun
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Reese De Vera
Inside Account Executive

Reese would call us with some frequency to try to get us to at least try YRC. Also polite, courteous and brief, we would decline. Finally, one day, Reese called at just the right time. We received a wonderful price …

Noe Martinez
Colorado Imports
Rhonda Poneleit

There is not enough time to go on about all that Rhonda does for myself and Parker Canada. She goes above and beyond each and every day in which helps Parker out tremendously. Rhonda comes up with outside the box …

Tracey Falasca
Parker Hannifin Canada
Ric Briese
Appointment Clerk/Scheduling

Wonderful partnership with Ric, our facility’s YRC scheduler and our facility location. Always helpful, has a do what it takes attitude, and gets the job done. A true pleasure to work with……

Jacquie Rohr
Rich Zarnecki

Here at Tradewinds we employ adults with disabilities and Rich always goes out of his way to acknowledge them even to the point of remembering their names. When our truck driver says “hi” and calls someone by their name the …

Edwardo Maldonado
Tradewinds Services
Rick Gue
Account Executive

Rick has always gone the extra mile to handle any problems that have developed. He always does so in a professional and timely manner. I wish all of our Sales Reps had the dedication to customer care and service that …

Tracy Joslin
Nova Rubber Company
Rick Gue
Account Executive

Rick continues to work and communicates with us for faster transit times at the best rates.  Rick is always in close contact and gives us his full support. He does an outstanding job!…

Patrick Hughes
Rick Waugh

Always very polite and does pick ups on time.…

Mary Cylwik
Cambridge Brass Inc.
Ricky Gwinn
City Operations Manager

We are fortunate to have Ricky at our YRC terminal. He is always there for us if we need help regarding any issues with freight or have questions in general. Ricky has always gone the extra mile in making sure …

Charles Runion
CRSystems, Inc.
RJ Bahry
Account Exectutive

RJ is awesome, he is always very helpful and knowledgeable. I was having some invoicing issues with YRC and McNeil and I contacted him and he was very helpful and resolved all the issues I had. Every time I see …

Klayleene Carpenter
McNeil & NRM, Inc.
RJ Bahry
Account Executive

RJ was my sale rep and then he moved to a different location. I did not have a sale rep when an exhibit skid was not delivered correctly. it was first delivered too early and refused by the show then …

Nicole Heckard
Melin Tool Co
Robert Lambrecht

Robert always does exceptional work when he live-loads at our facility. He works hard and represents YRC Freight in a very positive manner.…

Scott Martin
Pedigo Products
Robert Stephenson

You have a real keeper here in Robert! He always has a smile and a good word! He will call to see if we have anything for the day – Nice!! He has even stopped by just to check and …

Teresa Harrington
Dynojet Research
Roeby Holifield
My Driver / Your Customer Service Rep!

Roeby continues to be your biggest asset. He is always in touch with me coordinating pickups and deliveries. Always willing to fit my schedule and work with me to make things happen, even on his days off! And when asked, …

Mike Maguire
Fire and Aviation Resource Services
Roger Hayes
Customer Service Specialist

Roger is very responsive and works to resolve issues with my shipments quickly and effectively. He takes the time to listen to the problems that I am having and come up with a solution. Regardless of the issue, Roger always …

Allison Swann
Recon Logistics
Ronnie Holbert

Ronnie is a model employee for YRC. He’s one of the most courteous, customer-oriented drivers that we have encountered. He always asks is there anything else YRC can do for us and never fails to thank us for the business.…

Paul Caudill
Rose Lingl
Operations Supervisor

I do not have one particular story to share about Rose. She has always been helpful with me and Jonti-Craft. I worked in our shipping department for many years and Rose was one of my go-to people for freight issues. …

Robin Goblirsch
Jonti-Craft, Inc.
Rose Tio
Inside Account Executive

Rose is the best sales person. She follows up with phone calls regularly. Keeps me informed of new offers. And when I do need to place a shipment, Rose double checks with me that all shipping info is correct. Rose …

Paul Pettys
Out of Sight Litter Box, Inc.
Rosemary Thompson
Account Executive

She is going above and beyond to help me move our shipments, a lot more than other reps that I am working with from other trucking companies.…

Haim Tadmor
S. Cole

Mr. Cole is always courteous and helpful in his capacity as a truck driver with your company. He delivers in a timely fashion and makes it point to know Specialty Welding’s delivery and pick-up schedule. We have never had any …

Tammy Chamblee
Specialty Welding Diesel Power
Sammy Guzman

Sammy has a great attitude and work ethic when picking up our freight at Saint-Gobain. He calls our work ever day to let us know what time he will be here for our daily pick-up which helps us out if …

Sarah (Brooks) Brady
Account Executive

Brooks is always very responsive to our needs. Her sales calls are always scheduled in advance and always pertinent. Recently, we had a time critical shipment of 550 pounds going from Everson, WA to Milan, OH via a 3 day …

Calvin Petersen
Nylatech, Inc.
Sarah Martin
Customer Service Representative

We can go to many other carriers and get similar rates, service and locations but not one of them has a Sarah Martin. She knows her job, she knows how to handle both me as a shipper and my customer …

Jeff Lord
AM Warehouse, LLC
Scot Oehlstrom
Account Executive

Scot does an incredible job while maintaining a strict level of integrity and respect. There isn’t an issue that anyone would need help with that he wouldn’t and hasn’t been there to resolve. For our company, he has pushed and …

Lisa Fry
Winkle Industries
Scott A. McLaughlin
Inside Account Manager

Scott is the main reason our company uses YRC Freight. He is prompt, polite, and very professional. Most of all he keeps communication open very well, something we lacked with previous freight companies. It feels great to know I can …

Brian Bugnacki
Twin Oaks Software Development
Scott Baish
Account Executive

Scott always showed a genuine interest in me as a customer but also as a person. He always asked about my family members and remembered many of my personal interests. I felt like not only a valued customer but as …

Brandon Dingle
Scott Colacecchi
Area Sales Manage

In his time serving Owen Oil Tool, there have been major strides in communications. Account relations have improved immensely between Owen and YRC.…

Rick Carter
Owen Oil Tool
Scott Thatcher
Account Executive

Scott has worked days, evenings, and weekends over the past year and half to ensure that our 120 pallet releases (every 2 months) go smoothly and there are no delays or operations issues. Furthermore, he has worked very hard on …

Ryan Messner
Adcolor Inc
Scott Wilty
Sr. Customer Service Specialist

Scott has been generous in his willingness to advance my skill set by showing me further in’s and out’s of our many tools in order to better serve our customers. I have been able to service our customers more efficiently …

Melanie Wright
YRC Freight
Sean Zumwalt
Road Driver

Sean Zumwalt is a positive role model for all other road drivers in such a way that everybody sells and wins.…

James Hines
YRC Freight - Relay Manager
Shane Hardy
Account Executive

Shane has been incredible to work with. He’s very available and attentive. Follows through. Goes above and beyond.…

William Mullins
Shelly Roth
Customer Service Specialist

Shelly is a pleasure to work with. There is not enough space to write the whole story.…

Jeanne Mazurek
Conxall Corporation
Sherri Barnes
Revenue Specialist II

I know that Sherri manages many more customers than just Valmont but she always puts the personal touch on her work. I handle a difficult Valmont location that has more than one division located at the same address. She is …

Connie Sharman
Valmont Industries
Sherri Foster, Rusty Jerew and Terminal 842/846
Clerk, Terminal Manager and Team 842/846

I want to recognize all the employees at the Tucson/Douglas, AZ terminal operations, especially Sheri Foster and Rusty Jerew. They are seasoned employees that have been supporting our cross dock operations in Douglas, AZ for many years. They are always …

Valerie Ferguson
Levolor Kirsch
Shonie Fulwiler
City Sales Manager

I have been with my company for about 4 years now and I can say without a doubt that Shonie is the absolute best sales rep from any company we work with. She calls and checks in and stops by …

Deana Michael
Pacific Western Timbers Inc.
Shonie Fulwiler

Shonie works out of Washington state while I am located in Columbus, OH. She has been so incredibly helpful with every aspect of our relationship from the tariff coming together, outgoing shipment problems and fixes, and overall great communication. She …

Shonie Fulwiler
Area Sales Executiv

Shonie is such an asset to YRC. We work with a lot of other freight companies and our reps don’t compare to the care and attentiveness that Shonie provides to us. From LTL, Full trucks and Trade shows, Shonie is …

Jessica Gruender
Koch Originals
Stephanie Davila
Accounts Receivables

I have talked with Stephanie on a number of occasions and she has always helped me with the problems I have. No matter how little or how big the problem is, I can always count on her. She is always …

Peggy Merchant
Stone Legends of Tx
Stephen Fairchild

Stephen is always very courteous and smiling when he arrives we transfer to IL every Thursday and he always makes sure he has room for our product . We appreciate his hard work and efforts to serve Stelfast Inc – …

Esther Napoles
Stelfast Inc.
Stephen Paulson

Stephen is always friendly when he arrives and never complains about how much freight he has to deliver for us even when we have larger loads during certain times of the year. When we are completing paperwork for the delivery, …

Dedra Jefferson
WT University Bookstore
Steve Harless

I am writing to praise the work of Steve Harless, my driver. I have known Steve for several years and he is the same Steve every day. He is always appreciative of any freight I schedule to go YRC and …

Glyn Cuthrell
Homeland Vinyl Products
Steve McCarley
Account Executive

YRC is fantastic from service to rates and everything in between! Steve is an excellent contact that takes the time to go beyond the call of duty to service all our company’s needs.…

Erik Horsfield
The Allen Company
Steve McCarley
Account Executive

Steve is proactive in handling our account and responsive to our needs. Steve has on numerous occasions been my go to when we have special shipments or just day to day operational issues. I’ll be honest if it weren’t for …

David Tuttle
Thule Organization Solutions, Inc.
Steve McKeever
Inside Sales Representative

Steve is the absolute best, he goes above and beyond for us and I am sure for all of his clients.  People these days do not take the care that Steve does.  If it weren’t for him as my Account …

Alan Lloyd
Fairytales Haircare
Steven McKeever
Inside Sales Representative

At first, Steve was our representative that handled our quotes, setting up shipments etc. Then his position changed and was no longer my contact when I needed something. Even though our company received another person to handle all our needs, …

Corrin Tempio
Global Freight Services
Sue Valentine
Customer Service Specialist II

I would like to give a gigantic THANK YOU to representative Sue Valentine.  Sue is always accessible, anytime we may have an issue.  She replies and handles any situation quickly and efficiently and always follows up whatever the situation may …

Felicia Delia
Amscan Inc.
Susan Cheek

Susan always does a great job of working with us to schedule both deliveries and pickups of our freight. Even if we have a late shipment that needs to be picked up that same day she always makes it happen. …

Charles Runion
CRSystems, Inc.
Susan Metz-Horst
Collections Specialist

I’ve worked with Susan for about 8 years – starting when she was at Reddaway. She’s in AR with YRC and I’m on the AP side with Williams & Associates, Inc. Our partnership and communication has empowered us to resolve …

Ryan Williams
Williams & Associates, Inc.
Tammy Breiding
Strategic Accounts Solutions Manager

We are a better sales organization because of Tammy’s efforts.…

Rich Antonietti
YRC Freight - Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Tammy McCleery
Lead Inside Sales Rep

Tammy is such a sweet person. I can have a bad day and a call from her just brightens your day. She has so much energy. She has helped us understand the importance of classes and measurements. I really enjoy …

Linda Davies
Central Plastics, Inc.
Terri Adams

I am pleased to have the opportunity to recognize Terri Adams who is dedicated to OS&D in Jacksonville, FL. Often a thankless job that takes the brunt of complaints, Terri handles these calmly with outstanding professionalism. After all, it isn’t …

Todd Rhodes
Sun Pharmaceuticals
Terry Gillen

Your driver Terry aka (Jersey) is an awesome driver. He is one of my favorite drivers out of 15 that come daily. He does whatever it takes to get our freight out the door. Including having a spare trailer sitting …

Susan Luthi
The Cheshire, CT Terminal

Thank you to the Cheshire terminal for always responding quickly to our requests for pickup. The regular driver that they send to us for pickups, sorry I don’t know his name, is very helpful. Thank you so much!…

Shelley Williams
Acme Wire Products Co., Inc.
Tiffany Huffman
Account Executive

For my money, I choose YRC for one reason over all the others – because of the people! Specifically, our Account Executive Tiffany Huffman. Not only is she one of the finest examples of true professionals I have known in …

Robert Reed
Conversa Solutions LLC
Tim King

Always polite and willing to help.…

Ron Little

Just a quick note to say Tom is always polite and generally very upbeat when he arrives. He knows our policies and procedures and is always very co-operative. He has a great report with our staff on the floor. Tom …

Brent Storey
Home Hardware Stores LTD Western Canadian Distribution Center
Tom Dove
Area Sales Executive

We have worked with Tom Dove for a while now, and he is always cheerful and professional. He is quick to give us quotes when we need them and he brings us the very best ice cream! We love when …

Susi Sharifan
ABCO Enterprises
Tom Leathermann

Tom provides excellent service each and every time we ship through YRC Freight…

David Haley
Kellogg Company
Tony Rossi
Account Executive

Tony is a great company representative. He’s always willing to help us with any questions, freight bills, and other information we need in shipping our products. Tony also takes the time to speak to our terminal employees as well as …

Sharon Hermani
Silver-top Mfg Co., Inc.
Trent Tucker
Account Executive

There’s not as much a story as just an overall experience. I have been in the shipping game for almost 25 years and have never had a Salesman or Account Executive as attentive as Mr. Tucker. He constantly checks in …

Tim Johnson
Valerie Cox
Customer Service Specialist (YRC Freight Memphis, TN)

We had a shipment that was being held at the local terminal that shipped from GA. The receiver needed the freight pretty quick due to a delay in production on their job site. Ms. Valerie notified the terminal and pushed …

Julie Coronado
Texas AirSystems
Wayne King

Wayne is our regular driver. You see his commitment to quality service and willingness to go above and beyond every time he is here to pick up or deliver freight. His good humor and outlook are always appreciated. Thank you …

Charles Runion
CRSystems, Inc.
Wayne Valk
Account Executive

Wayne has done outstanding job working with all of our freight needs and questions. He has gone above and beyond when we had issues and has made himself available for questions even on weekends. It’s characteristics like these that keep …

Nick Bauer
La Crosse Technology
Wesley Musgrave
Account Executive

Wes has always been there for us when we need something. It doesn’t matter the time of day or if he is on vacation. We have moved over 80% of our freight shipments to YRC Freight solely based on the …

David Aizenman
YRC Freight

The service we’ve received over the years for SATAIR USA has been reliable, courteous and efficient. We couldn’t ask for more. Thanks…

YRC Freight

I wish I could remember each of the names of the employees. Your staff is fantastic! From when I needed help with arranging the shipment, and the person picking up our shipment, and the accounting department. Each and everyone was …

Kat Nelson
Raintree Systems Inc
YRC Freight Drivers

I would like to complement YRC with their professional drivers. They are always friendly, competent drivers. We have dealt with a lot of freight companies and not all companies have drivers like YRC. They take pride in their job and …

Jill Drennan
Pecan Grove Solutions

I don’t have any story to share.  All on your team are exceptional, they have our appreciation. Best Regards! Eymaq Logistics- Expeditor Team…

Monica Henao & Eymaq Logistics- Expeditor Team
Eymaq, Inc.