YRC Freight Advantage will save you time and hassle.

If you are a shipping manager, or resident shipper is one of the many hats you wear, enroll in our Advantage Program. It’s made for shippers who need an easier way to ship. Time and money? Save both. Your supply chain? More streamlined and efficient. Your job? Way easier. Get in on the many advantages.

Five Program Advantages Equals One Happy Shipper

“Go-to guys” save your time and sanity

You have “go-to guys,” a dedicated customer support team, for shipping issues you don’t want to deal with. You get faster response times, expedited issue resolution and time-saving tips and training for future deliveries.

You have better things to do than manually track shipments or pull reports on shipping activity. Your account executive helps you set up custom tracking and reports for automated alerts based on what you want to know.

Online advantages, not hassles

YRC Freight Advantage is all about superior service, so your dedicated support team resolves issues quickly and helps make sure they don’t happen again.

Your account executive shows you how to set up and use our suite of online tools that make managing transportation easier by reducing mundane tasks like getting rate quotes and filling out BOLs so you can get back to doing other things—like not getting rate quotes and filling out BOLs.

These same domestic shipping tools are your fast track access to Domestic Ocean and Canada shipment online quotes and scheduling.

No haggle competitive rates

Advantage customers’ rates are adjusted once a year at a lower rate than the General Rate Increase, so you save money and enjoy more consistent rates.

Save even more when diesel prices are below $4.00 because the fuel surcharge for Advantage customers is ZERO. When prices rise above $4.00, it is only 0.10% per $0.01 increase. This makes the fuel surcharge predictable, easy to understand and competitive.

Other no haggle benefits include: reduced absolute minimum charges (AMCs), no charge for common accessorials like single shipment, notify, reweigh and inspection, and high cost delivery, plus reduced upcharges for other accessorials and premium services. In other words, more premium services and value, fewer surprises and lower fees.

No extra charge for Accelerated service

Simply write “Accelerated” on your BOL, and your shipment will move across our faster than Standard, Accelerated network at no extra charge. These Accelerated shipments are handled less, reducing the odds of damage and shortage.

A library of knowledge from the shipping experts

Get access to exclusive information like tips from experts, offers, news, tutorials, FAQs and more, all designed to make you a smarter manager of your supply chain.

Make your job easier. Enroll in YRC Freight Advantage.

Contact your Account Executive or fill out the form below to learn more. Once you join we’ll send your Welcome Kit with everything you need to start making shipping easier (along with a thank you gift that is totally unnecessary, but fun).

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