These outstanding YRC Freight drivers have earned a place among our YRC Freight Million Milers by driving
6-, 5 -, 4- and 3-million accident-free miles.

It’s an honor that puts these professionals at the top of our industry and helps YRC Freight remain one of the safest transportation providers in the industry.

6-Million Miler

Driver Name Terminal City, State
Arthur Cage Memphis, TN

5-Million Miler

Driver Name Terminal City, State
Joe Brown Memphis, TN

4-Million Milers

Driver Name Terminal City, State  Driver Name Terminal City, State
Wesley Johnson Albuquerque, NM Gary Johnson Dallas, TX
Candido Montoya Albuquerque, NM Dennis Caldwell Des Moines, IA
James Huneycutt Atlanta, GA Robert Herber Jackson, MS
Steve Kline Bristol, TN Charles Reed Jackson, MS
Sean Zumwalt Charlotte, NC Louis Armstrong Memphis, TN
Rich Allee Chicago, IL  Oscar Adaway  Memphis, TN
James Banner Chicago, IL George Brown Memphis, TN
Stanley Collins Chicago, IL Wilfred Lowe Charlotte, NC
Roy Lincoln Chicago, IL Tyrone Russell Nashville, TN
Horace Crouch Dallas, TX  Carrol Bates  St. Louis, MO
Jerry Gowdy Dallas, TX  Rex McQuillin  Jackson, MS
Donald Robinson Akron, OH Willie Lewis Jackson, MS
Henry Hartley Columbia, SC Smitty Smith Jackson, MS
Butch Howell Memphis, TN

3-Million Milers

Driver Name Terminal City, State  Driver Name            Terminal City, State     
Darrell Rogers Akron, OH Joe Wright Albuquerque, NM
Marty Dotson Dallas, TX David Delger Chicago, IL
Jay Hardesty Dallas, TX Lawrence Steffel Chicago, IL
Ronald Mills Charlotte, NC Charles Steinruck Chicago, IL
Charles Strickland Charlotte, NC Terry Kaiser Denver, CO
Grady Thacker Charlotte, NC Edward Lohr Denver, CO
Robert Cash Akron, OH Keith Frey Harrisburg, PA
Joseph Russell Cincinnati, OH Robert Hornbaker Harrisburg, PA
Steven Kenemuth Akron, OH David Keckley Harrisburg, PA
Harry Parks Akron, OH George Pauken  Cleveland, OH
Tom Razzano Akron, OH Shawn Neely Harrisburg, PA
Donnie Millican Akron, OH Albert Pepe Harrisburg, PA
John Clark Cleveland, OH Ronald Szpak Harrisburg, PA
Donald Cook Allentown, PA Manuel Moncayo Houston, TX
John McKenna Scranton, PA Rod Heikes Oklahoma City, OK
Jeffrey Shields Cincinnati, OH George Mounsour Jackson, MS
Jerry Sallgren Iron Mountain, MI Billy Pinkham Jackson, MS
Doug DeBoer Detroit, MI Randy Cherry Kansas City, MO
Buzz Aseret Albuquerque, NM Donald Jones Dallas, TX
Larry Kiernan South Bend, IN Curtis Smith Kansas City, MO
Mark Kalb Dubuque, IA Robert Wozniak Chicago, IL
Ralph Martinez Chicago, IL Jimmy Quick Maybrook, NY
Roger Divelbliss Raleigh, NC Paul Simpson Maybrook, NY
Daniel Nunes Tracy, CA  Kenneth Smith  Kansas City, MO
Roland Brailsford Salt Lake City, UT    Teddy Dallas Memphis, TN
Rick Appelman Atlanta, GA Robert Holland Memphis, TN
Wayne Bugg Atlanta, GA Joe Jeffries Memphis, TN
Robert Kinsey Atlanta, GA Alvin Jones Memphis, TN
Steve Smith Atlanta, GA Jerry Lee Memphis, TN
Richard Wynn Atlanta, GA Joe Luttrell Memphis, TN
James Johnson Cleveland, OH Lloyd Spearman Memphis, TN
Leo Taylor Chicago, IL Warren Koehn Oklahoma City, OK
Bobby Hullette Charlotte, NC Al Shortridge Oklahoma City, OK
Mark Holderfield Charlotte, NC Phil Stafford Oklahoma City, OK
Ray Larkin Jackson, MS James McGraw Portland, OR
Michael Kovalick Buffalo, NY David Jensen Salt Lake City, UT
John Sanders Knoxville, TN Calvin Wheatley Salt Lake City, UT
Paul Lawrence Providence, RI Jerry Noeltner St Louis, MO
Stephen Kish    Lansdale, PA Jay Pryor St Louis, MO
James Grizzel Indianapolis, IN Scott Zahm St Louis, MO
Ronald Swackhammer    Indianapolis, IN Charles Brown St Paul, MN
Veryl Adams Indianapolis, IN  Walter Hribar  St Paul, MN
 Samuel Myers Charlotte, NC Samuel Moneymaker Charlotte, NC
Philip Young Dallas, TX K L Smith Charlotte, NC
Kelvin Reese Jackson, MS Phillip Beck Dallas, TX
Arthur Young St Louis, MO John Banic Oklahoma City, OK
William McLean Buffalo, NY John Bozyk Indianapolis, IN
David Rudd Chicago, IL Jeffrey Davis Kansas City, MO
Dave Matthews Dallas, TX  Bobby Elrod Chattanooga, TN
David Lamprecht Charlotte, NC Joe Janes St Louis, MO
Bruce McCullough Dallas, TX Kenneth Slaughter Nashville, TN
George Rodriguez Gardena, CA Danny Baker Memphis, TN
Delton Johnson Kansas City, MO Pete Martinez Dallas, TX
Ronald Michae Kansas City, MO Gary Fenimore Kansas City, MO
Raymond Knox Charlotte, NC Mark Holderfield Charlotte, NC
James Mitchell Dallas, TX Brian Klimchak Chicago, IL
Dennis Price Lexington, KY Gary Broome Charlotte, NC
Otis Slaton Jackson, MS Tony Durham Jackson, MS